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Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope.

Today’s Inspiration: Why do people shun prayer meeting today? Because they pray in the flesh. They don’t wait on Holy Spirit till their spirit quickens before they pray. Waiting on the Lord our soul waits and hope. Psalm 130:5. You have to be completely quiet before the Holy Spirit for Him to quicken our spirit.

Miraculous healing and Deliverance can take place if both the deliverer and the one to be delivered wait in silence till the Holy Spirit gives the signal. When you wait upon the Lord your strength is renewed then Deliverance can take place. Isaiah 40:31. Christians today are more in the flesh than in the spirit. It’s not how loud you pray but how long have you waited in silence.

Until the presence of God is at the session, we are just wasting our time. Keys to Deliverance of bondages cover three keys: (1) Wait in silence to kill flesh. Zechariah 2:13. It emptied self, quieten the soul and empowers the Holy Spirit. (2) Waiting brings union with the Holy Spirit and it’s God who draws us not that we are drawn to God. Hence the song draw me close to you. If He does not draw you, you can’t enter into His presence. Songs 1:4, Psalm 80:18. (3) When you wait upon the Lord His grace is drawn to you.When you wait patiently on the Lord, angels are strengthened and demons and sickness weakens. Psalm 37:4.

What bondages are you struggling? May these truths come to you. There is no power in prayer without the Lord’s presence. God be praised!

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