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Proverbs 6:23

For the commandment is a lamp, And the law a light; Reproofs of instruction are the way of life,.

It is through His word that we should live because His word is a Lamp that when fit into our feet, guide our path. It’s only His word that makes our path straight. Psalm 119:105.

No verse fits so well about Jesus being the way of life through His word than Psalm 119:105. He is our guide for our step and for our wisdom for long terms plans. The word ‘path’ is for our long term plan for our life. If you don’t plan long term, you will have spiritual cataract.

Joshua links the application of His word to life as the only way to both success and prosperity. Joshua 1:8.

3 John 2 states clearly that our soul should prosper before we can prosper in everything including our divine health. Our health is linked to cleansing and healing the wounds of past broken relationships in our soul.

Wealth is attained by wisdom in the soul which needs health. Only what He said can heal our soul. When the soul is healed, the mind is focused on relationship with God and all other things will prosper. We know God’s will and will not react but instead have wisdom to answer every hurting soul appropriately. We will then be able to grow spiritually as we are able to be grounded with God’s word with a healthy soul.

So keep meditating and speaking God’ word to maintain and heal your soul.

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