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Isaiah 32:9 

Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.

Today’s Inspiration: It’s time for the church not to be complacent but to go on the offensive against the accuser of the brethren the devil as God showed me in most of my dreams during this resting period that the accuser of brethren is on the offensive against the spiritual pride, the fear and the complacency of God’s people and is attempting to kill God’s people through critical illness. The enemy is on the stampede to plant seeds of lukewarmness on God’s people by instilling in them the cares and worries of the world that had choked the seed of His word in us. The seeds of deception is sown in the hearts of Christians that observing everything that is required of a Christian is enough, and that they can turn their affections more and more to the things of the world.

Biblical priority and allegiance to God no longer reside in the hearts of God’s people like the ancient of days of Israelites. God is calling the church to arise from complacency and be on the offensive heeding His instructions and work on their righteousness where they will have peace, security, quietness and assurance of safety. Isaiah 32:9, 16-18.

God knows the heart of every man that nothing can shake them out of complacency except a war. This has caused the enemy to send missiles to God’s people to take their focus away from God and turn to the comforts and luxuries of life the world can offer. This was his strategy against Jesus at the wilderness too and this is why at the end of Jesus’ life he alerted his disciples to watch and pray as the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. Mt 26:40. Till the disciples watch and pray in the upper room, the Holy Spirit’s outpouring could not descend with power. Acts 1:14, 2:1-4.

When it’s time to fight and we do not go on the offensive, we will be easily defeated by the enemy. It’s no use having plans and strategies without action. It’s time to engage God’s people to take territories for God’s kingdom fearlessly like the days of Joshua, who were armed with the heart of worship, the activation of the word of God through Awakening from meditation and to take on God’s strength and courage as directed by our Most High God. Joshua 1:8-9. Conquering the Jericho walls of pride, fear and inferiority was the prerogative in the minds of Joshua and his army was privileged to have the angel army on their side and Jehovah Sabbaoth to lead them. Joshua 5:13-15, 6:1-5. If He is the light of salvation that leads us, why should we fear? Psalm 27:1.

Fear is the most dangerous missile of the enemy that had gripped God’s people to refrain from taking great exploits for God. Galatians 1:10 speaks against fear of men.

The emerging generation want to be participant of our mission to build God’s kingdom and if the church is not capturing them with adventures in missions whether local or overseas, or make them a participant of the building of His kingdom, they are likely to be captured by the spirit of the world. Unless God’s glorious presence is in churches, there will be no unity in the church. It’s the Spirit’s new move and His glorious presence that consumed God’s people that church can arise and grow like Acts 2 that will spread like fire to the community.

As I shared the Gospel with my maid last Friday, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence was very strong as I was on a worship spree all day during these days of resting. Suddenly she asked me how she could be saved. I was so excited that I shared with her to follow me in a prayer where she will commit all her past sins and failures to Christ asking Him for forgiveness and to acknowledge Him as her Savior and Lord so that she could be adopted to His family. It was the first time that someone asked me how they could be saved. I thank the Holy Spirit for His partnership and give glory to God for His awesome presence and today she is participating in the Holy Communion with our family daily. Until we allow the peace of God to reign in our hearts, the miracle of salvation will not come. Isaiah 32: 15-16.

The fear of the Lord is most precious to God and a treasure in His heart. Let wisdom and knowledge be the stability of your time and the strength of your salvation. Isaiah 33:6. Let the church army arise as we allow God to arise in our hearts. Let Him be exalted and lift His banner up high that our King might come in to dwell with us, to provide for all that we ever need. V10, 16. It’s time to arise and capture the vision of God to possess more territories for His kingdom targeting at the emerging generation of teens and young adults. Knowing what God wants out of them should be our strategy and not what we think what they want. God’s ways are always higher than our ways and the world’s ways. Isaiah 55:8-9. Let us stand on the promises of God and be on our knees to get them in. God be praised.

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