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Matthew 15:13                                       

13  But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.

Today’s Inspiration: People are vulnerable to envy. Envy damages relationship, disrupts teams and undermines organisational performance. Complaint is only a symptom. The root of it is envy that needs uprooting as it is not planted by the Lord. Matthew 15:13.

One of the hindrances of our progress is the feelings of being unloved, hurt, insecurity, misunderstood or lack of trust which stalls our growth. People tend to look at good things of the past when they face trials in the present like the Israelites complaining to Moses for bringing them to the wilderness. Exodus 16:2-5. Apostle Paul advised us not to focus on the past but press on towards the goal of upward call. Philippians 3:13.

The call is to forget the past pains, frustrations, disappointments and move forward. We cannot change our past but we can secure the future. Pressing towards the goal helps you to pursue your dream.

The important thing we need to examine is not what we face but how we react to it, which will enhance your leadership skills. Romans 5:3 and 4. Suffering produces perseverance and perseverance hope and hope glory.

Difficulties big and small are predictable and yet often unexpected. We need to be ready for the unexpected by taking care of our spiritual health. It is at this time we need to surrender to God totally and thank Him for the circumstances. James 4:7. As believers we have the weapon of prayer. Nehemiah’s strength and success lies in praying according to God’s word clinging to the truth that the God of heaven will grant him success. Nehemiah 2:20. He did not waver from the assignment but focus on the goal and completes the project in 52 days, disregarding the threats of the enemy.

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