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Numbers 20:11

11 Then Moses lifted his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod; and water came out abundantly, and the congregation and their animals drank.

Today’s Inspiration: It’s an honor to be called by God to serve Him but what lies ahead depend on the sovereignty of God. Sometimes we wonder why we have to strive when we are so close to God, being used mightily by Him in signs and wonders yet all of a sudden we find that things we want to do comes to a standstill. Moses was one person, whose intercession for the Israelites brought forth signs and wonders for the glory of God, only to find that ultimately he made one serious mistake in his life: disobedience for fear that what God directs, he himself was unable to perform. Actually what God directs, He will back us up. Instead of speaking to the Rock, he struck the Rock twice with his rod. Numbers 20:11.

We tend to solve problems instantly based on our own understanding rather than to act on God’s instructions. We tend to forget God knows better than us. For that we fail to demonstrate His glory.

God is always in the process of doing new things with new strategies but when our focus is on the solution itself and old ways of Deliverance, instead of basing on God’s new direction, we have failed God miserably. God’s ways are always higher than our ways. Isaiah 55:8-9. Moses at that time never dream that by so doing, that act was an act of disobedience and unbelief. God actually wanted to perform another miracle in ways that have never been performed before. For that God considered it as Moses not acting according to His instructions and thus God did not have the glory in the eyes of the children of Israel. Numbers 20:12. For that he could only see the land but could not cross over. Deuteronomy 32:51-52.

How often have we miss our opportunity because of disobedience? When we realise we have done an act of disobedience, it was too late. We cannot change the mind of the Lord no matter how much we plead. It was the case with Esau who wanted the easy way out to satisfy his stomach first, disrespecting the inheritance. Finally he loses the inheritance to Jacob and the blessings of inheritance though, obtained unscrupulously could not reverse the Lord’s decision.

These two lessons are for our learning that it does not pay to be disobedient and secondly it does not pay to perform His will by natural understanding but by acting on what God directs. Trusting the Lord with a full heart is key. We should never perform His will based on natural understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6. God knows best. Allowing Him to direct your path will bring forth abundance to your life and elevate you. Reverence the Lord your God and hallowing His name for His glory are keys to open heavens. He wants to demonstrate His power by using you for miracles this year. Are you willing to obey or are you still wanting to perform based on your own ways? Don’t miss your opportunity. He has a promotion waiting for you to possess. May your light shine before men through acting on His instructions.

Be wise to inherit His glory. V35. God be praised!

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