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Matthew 20:32  

32 So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

Today’s Inspiration: Our God is a God of miracles. Matthew 20:32 Jesus always wants to do something for you. The blind man says he wants to see and Jesus opened his eyes to see. When he opens the natural eyes to see, he also opens the spiritual eyes to see.

What God requires from us is to go deeper in Him that we have discernment. Hebrews 5:14. The word ‘discern’ means to recognise and distinguish. Discernment is a direct perception. Knowledge is impartation of facts. It comes in various forms usually in the form of vision where you see something that is not natural. It usually comes to a person in the form of a person seeing something in the natural but you need the understanding of the Holy spirit to interpret what you see.

Are you asking God for something in your life? If you don’t doubt but believe what you ask, God will answer. Matthew 21:22. Christianity is all about faith, belief and trusting the God who directs you the way of life, the direction of your life and how to live abundantly. John 14:6, 10:10.

When your heart is not right in the sight of God, you have no part in the Kingdom of God. Acts 8:21. Eternal life and supernatural gifts cannot be purchased with money. It is all given by His grace by the One who understands your heart fully because He created you and there is none other than God Himself so that the power of God can manifest. God be praised!

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