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Isaiah 45:4                                     

4 For Jacob My servant’s sake, and Israel My elect, I have even called you by your name;
I have named you, though you have not known Me.

Today’s Inspiration: When I meditate on the verse in Isaiah 45:4 this morning, I begin to recollect how God bestowed on me the honour of calling me to be used by Him for healing even though I have not yet acknowledged Him. This verse is so true in my life. Verse 5 was even obvious when He identified to me as I Am and that He is my God and there is no other. Even right from the genesis of my walk with Him, His indwelling presence was so real in my life. Each of us do have a different experience with Him. It maybe good to reflect those precious moments.

Many a time we have turned prayer into a means to our ends and many a time we have no patience to wait for His response as to what His agenda was at that very moment. Our prayers are far from ideal. It’s the prompting of the spirit in the way to pray that hastens answers to our prayer.  The most paramount need of this time corporately and individually is the indwelling presence that had long been forgotten.

What do you think was in Abraham’s heart when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac. He knew he had to obey but do we have singleness of heart like Abraham? Its his belief from within the prompting of the spirit that caused Abraham to utter the word God will provide to Isaac when he was asked by Isaac where is the lamb.

Like Abraham we need to be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy spirit from within that provision from without is made easy. Genesis 22:7-8. Had he not been sensitive to the Holy spirit, he would have made the most regrettable choice in his life.

Most problems are not solved by hearing sermons alone. The sermons actually point out that what is essential in life is the sense of God’s presence during our dark hours of questioning. He holds the keys to all the answers. God’s presence must be sought with diligence. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you and seek and you shall find. Matthew 7:7-8.

Let me share with you a testimony of a seven-year-old boy who caught pneumonia and despite days and nights of prayer, doctor said there was no hope and he would die during the wee hours of that morning. His mother has been vigilant all week praying and watching over that boy. But on that morning he was supposed to sleep to his death, his mother who was too exhausted to hold vigil for him and fell asleep. Awakened and shocked that she had missed the hours of watching him sleep to death, she awoke touching her face and probably repented for not watching him for the night. To her surprise, the child awoke very alert. That morning the doctor was filled with awe at the miracle. This story tells us that we do not need to help God to hasten a miracle. In His timing He performed a miracle when we least expect it. Today, the boy in his mid forties is now a doctor helping all the critically ill patients. This is the mystery of prayer. We must come with great expectations allowing God time to perform a miracle. God’s presence and touch should be our priority when we pray for a miracle like the woman with the issue of blood who came with great expectations of healing by her desire to touch Jesus. Mark 5:28-30. In His presence and touch lies His power.

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