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Isaiah 58:8

Then your light shall break forth like the morning,Your healing shall spring forth speedily,
and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

Today’s Inspiration: We cannot afford to be complacent even in victorious times because our victory will cause him to strategize a backlash in great anger. Our victory need to be secured by God’s covenant plan of protection. Most backlashes comes from the rear so we need God to be our rear guard. Isaiah 58:8.

In our spiritual struggle, we must rely on the promises and power of God rather than on the might of our armed forces. The important key to hold tightly is the key not to fear the enemy especially in difficult circumstances. More than 60 times He keeps telling us to fear not.

Job’s problem comes with much clarity to us on fear in Job 3:25 that whatever he feared had come to him. His one great fear was that his son’s sins will be caught up by God. That fear was the weakness that the devil took to get permission from God to inflict him to test his faithfulness to God. The enemy will always want to destroy our health and wealth so that we will turn away from God with the deception that He does not care for our welfare and does not protect us despite all the sacrifices we made for Him.

The enemy always takes your weakness to try to outwit you. Daniel had no flaw. To the devil, he can only attack Daniel through the law of his God. Daniel 6:5. So he used the satraps and administrators who went as a group to the King to pass an edit that anyone who prays to any god or man during the next 30 days except to King Darius shall be thrown into the lions’ den. V6. Daniel did not move from his commitment to God to pray three times a day. V13 the group in one accord reported Daniel contravening his decree. According to the law of medes and Persians the decree cannot change. V15. The enemy backlashed after the success of his three friends’ overcoming the perils of the furnace.

Therefore every victory must be sealed by God’s covenantal covering like God did for David in Psalm 89:20-24. This shows how our covenant with God positions us to outwit the schemes of our enemy. Therefore you should seal your victory with God’s eternal covenant of protection by the blood of Jesus and the seal of the Holy Spirit’s redemption over yourself and your family so that the enemy cannot outwit you.

In this endtime, we cannot afford to be complacent in prayer and devotion to God in the fear, desires and the love for God. God be praised.

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