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Job 40:11-12

11 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is proud, and abase him.

12 And Look on every one that is proud, and bring him low; and tread down the wicked in their place.

God is dealing today with pride of His people and its necessary to know the heart of God. He was dealing with Job’s self justification in Job 40:11-12. 

James 1:12 encourages us that after the trial when God approves us, we shall receive the crown that was promised to those who loved him. Every test is a test of patience and our character and for us to focus on seeking Him in faith and not doubting (Jam 1:6).

Many believers today are going through the test of faith and patience. You should be encouraged and not be disappointed or dismayed. He loves you and this is why He has chosen you to shape your character and your ministry till perfection comes. His end time fury no one can withstand and this is why He has been shaping us through trials which are nothing compared to others who go through even more severe trials.

Rev 3:10 promised you that because you have persevered and still adhere to His commandments He will keep you from the hour of trial which will come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on all the earth.

God is indeed full of unconditional love and patience. With patience you lack nothing (Jam 1:4). He desires your fellowship. It’s through fellowshipping with Him that you understand His nature and who He truly is. If we were to gauge our spiritual maturity and character with His standards you will notice that we are far from attaining. This is why the Body of Christ is sick in the heart. This is the sickness God is dealing with for those who are going through trials.

Never to fear but peace is the golden key which will open the door to a harvest of abundant truth that shocks you beyond comprehension. God truly knows what your heart needs. Appreciate Him. Be thankful to Him. He knows His creation better than us. Submit to Him and allow Him to convict you with His revelation. You can only win the battle in the spirit.

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