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John 1:3

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

How good it is to give thanks unto God this morning! There is dominion in our words. God used His faith when He created the world. Nothing was made without the Word. John 1.3. The word was Jesus.   

Heb 11.3 the worlds were formed by the Word of God. Likewise we have to be careful with our words. Our words can bring calamity or violence to us. We can lose our spiritual life by our words and our thoughts of evil.

Your mind was given to you as a door to keep your heart (spirit). You are the keeper of that door and you can shut the enemy out. Satan always used a body to deceive you. Hence when you are provoked, shut out that door to the voice.

God meant man to have wisdom, revelational knowledge and wholesome tongue. Our lips is supposed to bear fruit. Pro 13:2 and 3. When condemning or judgemental words come out of a person’s mouth, its the work of satan using someone as the transgressor to provoke you. You should instead resist the enemy by shutting the door and not responding. Instead pray that God will transform the lips to that which will speak blessing all the time.

God has to shut Adam out from the Garden of Eden because he has bowed his knee to satan. Satan now become his god. Satan was after the tree of life. If Adam was not driven out, satan will have access to the tree of life. Satan cannot be smarter than God. So why allow him to use you?

James told us to resist the enemy so he can flee from you. Jas 4.7. Instead we should submit to God. in our submission satan has no right over us. Surrender your whole life to God and guard the door of your mind and lips. ps 141.3 phil 4.7. Be at peace with God.

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