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Galatians 3:8-9

And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying, “In you all the nations shall be blessed.”

9 So then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham.

Today’s Inspiration: All those who are in the faith will receive Abrahamic blessings irrespective of whether they are Jews or Gentiles. Galatians 3:8-9. Cursed is everyone who does not do all things which are written in the Book of the Law. Verse 10. Believing in Jesus Christ is of the faith and not believing in the Law. The just shall live by faith. This is one of the marks of the disciple. Verse 11. 

The Law is written as a guide to the way of life. Verse 12. We receive the promise of the spirit through faith. Christ has redeemed us. We are no longer under a curse. Verse 13.

Hence whatever trauma we have in the past we must not allow them to grow to entangle our feet and keep us from moving forward to new path of success. Trauma can produce lock in fear, failure, complexities, emotional distress, anxiety and can even cause an organ like kidney, spleen or pancreas to dysfunction and overwork. Trauma imputed into our memory system, is deeply absorbed into the deep issues of our brain affecting our thoughts and our heart.

We are overcomers, therefore we need to move past our defeat, past traumas, past our wounding, our mistakes and our failure to gain new strength and venture into the new season with hope. In the midst of darkness there is light as in Him you have light that enlightens your darkness. Resist confusion. Allow God to guide you and teach you His path. He is God who does wonders and redeem His people. Psalm 77:14-15.

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