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Jeremiah 23:29                                           

29 “Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?

Today’s Inspiration: As we approach 2019, a year of fruitfulness, it is the season for evaluation of performance for 2018 n renewal of new goals. If our faith is true and sincere, we will have no difficulty to obey the word of God, and walk through the promises. Words without action cannot bear fruit. God’s word cannot be profitable to us unless we have faith to appropriate it to a reality. We not only consume the Word but the word musty consume us like fire so that it will burn out the impurities in our hearts to fertilise it that every word when planted caused a conviction for transformation and bears fruit. Jeremiah 23:29. 

In the days of Moses, Joshua, David and Gideon’s days, it was not by sword that they see miracles and possess the land nor did the arms of the people bring them victory. It was His right hand and the might of His countenance and His Love for them that brought them victory. Psalm 44:3.

It was God who is our King that brought victories to Israel. Therefore we should boast of the Lord forever. Through God only can we push back our enemies. So it was not the tools and skill that is important though it helps. Most importantly is God’s grace and love that brings us victory over the enemies. God desires you to be delivered from bondage because He loves you and longs to see His name glorified through you. Verses 4-8.

Hence give God your undivided attention. When the Word burns like fire in your hearts, doubt and fear will be burnt away. We need to treasure the word of God, and keep it within our hearts. It’s only when we appropriate the word in our hearts can our faith be strong to bring His promises to reality and all fear, anxiety and stress evaporates. Psalm 1:1-3. God wants to flourish you just as He flourished men and women of God since ancient days.

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