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Job 42:2                                     

2  “I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.

Today’s Inspiration: I have been writing that God’s plans cannot be thwarted as it is written in Job 42:2 and from his story. On the other hand, God, the all magnificent One, can thwart the plans of the crafty so that their hands achieve no success. Job 4:12.

Have you ever reflected on your own life as to how good and bad times come out? Even the most beautiful flowers can fade after some time. The old must go so that the more beautiful new flowers will sprout. Similarly, in life, God has to remove some things in your life to grant you a promotion. Vashti the wicked queen has to be removed and replaced with Esther who has all knowledge of God through training of His word by Mordecai.

Until we reached the bottom, recognising our shortcomings and failures, until we recognises the spiritual and moral depravity of our own heart, we will not turn our steps towards home and God and accepting the truth that Jesus is our Saviour and our Lord. Home is where the heart is. Our heart must connect to God’s heart. Till it is connected, we are not moved to tears in our return and the passion for Him not deepen. Our passion for Him must be deep enough to touch His heart and be moved to tears each time He speaks to us through the Bible.

Our belief and trust is not only in the power of prayer but in the character and wisdom of God. God must be the focus of our prayer and this is what will sustain us and preserve our faith. Prayer is more than asking or receiving. Until we understand the character and wisdom of God in prayer, our attitude towards prayer is like the pagans, offering sacrifices to God for answered prayer.

When you do not understand the mystery of prayer, you easily fall away during testing when your prayer goes unanswered. Whatever it is, prayer can accomplish amazing things, reaching into a heart in a way that we cannot do in the natural way no matter how intelligent our reasoning maybe. The knowledge of the truth that He is so close to our heart that He answers when we call must be a reality in our life to hasten answered prayers. Jeremiah 33:3, John 8:32. Sometimes your desire expressed in your thought is fulfilled instantly even without prayer because He knows your need more than what you have done for Him. Matthew 6:8.

God desires intimate communion and fellowship more than what you can offer. Where He is, is where you have left Him. Where the heart is, there your treasure is. How precious is God in your heart?

David in his communion with God marvelled at His creation of the moon and the stars and how much care He has for mankind that He gave all authority to mankind to rule over the work of His hands. How majestic is His name! Psalm 8. Those who know Him should place their full trust in Him. Do not allow the enemy to steal that trust God placed in your heart. Your answers to prayers depends upon the measure of your faith. Matthew 9:22. Faith is immeasurable and depends very much on the measure of your understanding about your heavenly Father. The greater the faith the greater will the accomplishments be.

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