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Psalm 51:11

11  Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. 

Today’s Inspiration: A life with Christ is a life of commitment to crossover to a new life with Christ. Sometimes we wonder why we have been serving God so well and so much, yet He did not protect us from the onslaught of Satan. Before we can serve Him, we have to subdue our human nature to enable us to hear His word as we read and meditate. Our human nature always interferes with what the Spirit of God promises in our life. We cannot flee from His presence as David says in Psalm 51:11 as He alone knows our heart and views the ends of the Earth and see everything under heavens. Job 28:24.

Just as God made Job the wealthiest man in the East, God also have to test His faithfulness and his covenantal relationship with Him with much intensity. Hence the book of Job is a book on nature of man verses the righteousness of God. Man is consistently tested for their relationship with God. People have the wrong perception that they suffer spiritual attacks severely when they draw closer to God. Actually man is tested always when they claim Independence from God like in the case of King Nebuchadnezzar when he claims victory lies with his own wisdom and power rather than the power of God. Daniel 4:29.

Man’s mission on Earth is to do good to all men especially those in the household of faith. Galatians 6:10. This will not make you a difference to the world. What makes you different is that as Christians you don’t serve in the flesh but as led by the spirit.

Hence the book of Job was written to destroy the self image of Job, which is a matter of the flesh and replaced with spiritual wealth and health attained through the full dependency on God. As his eyes began to open to this Revelation, Job was rewarded blessings of one hundred fold. Job cannot perceive there was anything wrong with his heart so he defends and justifies himself in Job 29:1-25, especially Job 29:7-17, 21-25. Man always want to focus on past glory instead of pursuing their purpose in God to perform His will to reach the destiny He has for them.

His test was on his inward thought especially in how he perceived himself in relation to God and his countrymen. It was a matter of the heart that God always deal with us in times of trial.

He was disturbed that God not intervene or vindicate him as if God owes him. It was all about I, me and my. It was a war between the spirit and the flesh in times of testing. Job 24:1 shows that he looks at circumstances more than God. He blames God for everything that goes wrong in his life. Job appears innocent. Job 30:18-25.

How many of us are like this when we are financially challenged or struck with sickness? We always justify based on our obedience and the things we do for God that don’t deserve such harsh judgement. It continues even up to Job 32 for self justification. God always deals with the issues in our heart. Whilst the spirit wants to occupy our heart, the human fleshy nature also wants to occupy. We can only confront Satan with victory by allowing the spirit to take over our heart. Jesus speaks a lot about the condition of the human heart which is mirrored by our human behavior and attitudes. Matthew 15:18.

Job opens with God boasting to Satan that he was upright, blameless, fears God and shuns evil Job 1:8 and ends with God humbling his heart and blessing him. The Bible tells us that he died seeing his generation to the fourth generation, old and full of years.

Prosperity and health were attained as we humble before God. It’s humility that can shut the devil’s mouth. Jesus shut the devil’s mouth with His word of Truth challenging enticement of the enemy luring him to covetousness, pride and position. Matthew 4:4-10.

We need to position ourselves to fighting a fight of faith by putting our human nature down for the Holy Spirit to manifest in every aspect of our life. It’s only when you walk in the spirit and put your human nature down that you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16. Satan knows the word of God and therefore know the weakest part of human nature to deal with us. So let us not be deceived. Let’s not miss the promises of God for us. Let His grace, mercy and love reign in our hearts that we might have the calmness of the spirit to win every Spiritual battle.

Stand still seeking God is the will of God for this season. God be praised.

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