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Psalm 107:20

20  He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Today’s Inspiration: God’s word is so powerful. At His word, the world was created. At His word He created the human body. At His word He restores the human body. Psalm 107:20. Medical science is finding the principle of Mark 11:23-24 working even to bring health to physical bodies. If you call forth whatever you need, it shall respond. So make your mouth speak His word and make it a way of life then what you call, be it your body or finances or peace, they will respond to your faith demands that are based on the authority of God’s word. His word is a incorruptible seed that produces after it’s kind. The spoken word imparts spirit life into you. John 6:63.

Do let us sacrifice the sacrifice of Thanksgiving this morning and every day of our life and make it our lifestyle and declare His works with rejoicing. Psalm 107:22.

We must make every effort not to live in the past but the present and the future. The devil wants to keep us hurt or wounded. God wants to get into your presence until every unforgiveness is washed and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus and make you love everybody. He wants you to be the light of the world. Let your brightness shine 7-fold to your sphere of influence. When God restores, He restores 7-fold. Isaiah 30:26. So let’s open up our wounds to be healed by God. You might feel ashamed and prefers to hide your wounds. Anything that is hidden will be exposed in the light. The demons want you to hide your wounds but God wants to open up your wounds to heal you and make it a healed scar so that it will not keep festering and you will remember the goodness of God.

I bless you with Isaiah 32:3-4 this morning. God is opening your eyes of understanding, your ears to listen and the heart to understand knowledge. As your wounds are healed, these will be yours and you will speak with clarity and will touch lives like never before as you go about preaching and healing the sick, the broken, the oppressed. God be praised!

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