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Psalm 119:33-34

33-34 Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end. Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart.

The time is urgent to pursue eternal values and to turn your eyes from worthless things. Its time to walk in the path of His commandments and delight in it. Incline your heart not to covetousness. Keep His statutes to the end as you fight a good fight of faith and finish the race. See Psa 119:33-40.

How many times have we taken lightly God’s word? We need to take God’s word seriously and walk with it so that we can see the reality of God’s promises. Meditate on His wonderful works so you can proclaim it over your life. Meditation of His word brings revelation of God’s heart beyond comprehension. God’s word will mean nothing to us if we do not receive revelation of God’s will. 

Psalm 119:18, 27
18 Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

27 Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of thy wondrous works.

God’s word is full of wisdom. Knowledge of it will not reveal God’s will in that word. Just like we have to chew our food till its juicy in our mouth, we have to chew God’s word till we are able to extract truth of what God is saying. How are you meditating God’s word? Convicted by God’s word, David was repentant knowing that God’s word will reveal our nature. He says in ps 119.19 our face is reflected in water, likewise His word like living water revealed our character. Pro 27:19.

A man’s value is determined by how others value him. This is important because Jesus asked His disciples how people evaluate Him. Peter was the only disciple who spoke out boldly that he was the Son of the Living God. Pro 27:21.

If we are to make disciples, we must ensure we look after their spiritual condition and evaluate their spiritual progress from time to time. There are spiritual checks for you as guide in the Bible.

This is a season of laying down our burden at the altar and take back fresh strategies from God to widen our borders. God bless!

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