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1 Samuel 2:20-21                                        

20 And Eli would bless Elkanah and his wife, and say, “The LORD give you descendants from this woman for the loan that was given to the LORD.” Then they would go to their own home.

21 And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the LORD. 

Today’s Inspiration: God knows every heart. He saw the heart of Hannah and rewarded her with three sons and two daughters in place of Samuel who was dedicated to the Lord according to her covenant with Him. 1 Samuel 2:20-21 How important it is to receive the priest’s blessings! God honours our sacrifices as long as our heart is pure before Him. He will never shortchange us. On the contrary He returns to us with greater measure than we expect.

Many parents today are suffering the rebellion of their children because of inappropriate parenting and their inability to meet their needs during childhood. Parents tend to parent the ways their parents parent them creating huge emotional garbage that attract the demons which Charles Kraft classifies as rats. Rats go for garbage. Where there are no garbage, the rats stay away. We tend to please our children instead of disciplining them according to the ways of the Lord. Proverbs 22:6.

He said He will guard the feet of His saints but the wicked will be silenced in darkness. 1 Samuel 2:10. Why are we not free then despite all attempts to be free? We are not willing to stay clean from our emotional wounds in our formative years which keep attracting the ‘rats’ who resort to harass us, afflict us, oppress us and keep us in bondage. It is time we get rid of habits of control, habits of man pleasing, habits of perfectionism, habits of dependency and habits of escape, habits of bitterness and anger etc. We should stop masking our face but face the pain in the presence of God and allow Him to set us free by the truth. John 8.32.

Eli knows that if a man sins against another man, God may mediate for him but if a man sins against the Lord, who will intercede for him? Verse 25. These were the very words of Eli to his sons but they rebelled. Because he did not enforce discipline, a curse came to his family where the Lord declared to Eli first through the prophet then through the boy Samuel the premature death of his descendants. Verses 32-33. God is raising up for himself a faithful priest who will do according to His heart and mind. Verse 35. Its all in His power to deliver or to destroy.

It is time to cleanse ourselves from the filthiness of our flesh and purify ourselves from every emotional wound of the past that contaminates body and spirit perfecting holiness out of reverence from God. 2 Corinthians 7:1.

Until this is attained, we cannot be free from demonic harassment, detachment, affliction and oppression. We need to open our hearts wide before God to let emotional garages come out from us and be set apart for God so that we can live as sons and daughter of God without reproach.

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