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Ruth 2:2                        

2  So Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, “Please let me go to the field, and glean heads of grain after him in whose sight I may find favor.”

Today’s Inspiration: It is a joy to see God is moving in our midst when we focus on His calling. We have to take heed of what we speak. How many lives were destroyed by careless words. Sometimes the pre-believers are more positive than us. Compare Naomi’s (believer) words and Ruth’s (non-believer’s) words. Ruth 1:20…’call me Mara’. Naomi was moaning over her plight of poverty. Ruth on the other hand did not want to dwell on her plight but asked for permission to glean over the fields of Boaz, a relative of her father-in-law and said in whose sight she might find favour. What is your attitude towards your trial? Ruth 2:2.

Indeed she found favour when Boaz gave permission and in verse 9 told her to focus only on the fields and follow the reapers and Boaz instructed that they should treat her with kindness. She was even given permission to drink what the young men have drawn. Praise the Lord for such generosity and kindness! This is a sign of growing in godliness.

We tend to blame God for our painful consequences. Naomi’s words are definitely out of God’s covenant of grace. We are supposed to walk under the covenant of grace by being blameless. Genesis 17:1. Verse 2 God promised to multiply exceedingly under the covenant of grace.

Ruth was committed to full allegiance to God to follow God’s way. She was willing to submit to the Lord’s pruning process and take on servanthood to glean the harvest, working hard for the survival of Naomi and herself. Perhaps she had compassion for Naomi and wanted to change their destiny. This should be our desire. We are not to murmur and dwell on the problems we are facing during the Lord’s pruning process. God has His ways to change our destiny and until we are ready for His great move, nothing happens.

God will accomplish His words. It might get delayed but it will be fulfilled but we are going to change our words that His promises will not be delayed as He promised in Ezekiel 12:28.

His word will always bear fruit. Philippians 1:6 the work He starts in you will be accomplished till eternity. Fertilise your heart before the seeds planted in your heart can bear fruit, meaning with your heart you believe the word and it will bear fruit.

Conquering your fear is Key to victory. How can you find meaning in life? Ruth took the opportunity by taking Naomi’s word on Boaz being a relative and went to glean the fields after gaining permission from Naomi. She noticed how the reapers addressed him THE LORD BLESS YOU and how he addressed the reaper. THE LORD BE WITH YOU.This shows his godly character and spiritual priorities. God sees Ruth’s allegiance to Him and Boaz alignment with his character and unite them finally in marriage.

God must be the centre of our life before we can have healthy relationship with our family. God be praised.

Today is a day of Good News as we hear testimonies of our prayer. Amen.

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