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Joshua 1:3

“Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.”

Today’s Inspiration: Like Joshua, we have allowed the promises of God to lie dormant. In Joshua 1:3 He promised that every place you tread will be yours after you crossed over. V2 was the instruction to cross over. After crossover, circumcision was made in Joshua 5:3 and the Passover was celebrated on the plain at Jericho in V10, but still he is stuck with having to face Jericho wall in v13.

We must not allow Jericho wall, which is the iniquitous patterns of our old nature of fear, insecurity and hopelessness to cause God’s promises to us to remain dormant.

Like Joshua, we must not look at our past but to move on with His new strategic plan now that we have crossover. There will be cyclical patterns of blocking your pathway of success but still you have to move on now that you have crossed over. You should not stop at crossover but proceed to possess God’s promise. You have to look up like Joshua did so that you can see the Commander of the army leading you to a new strategic warfare plan.

Sometimes when the Angel of the Lord appears with a sword the first question is whether He is truly the Angel of the Lord or from the enemy forces. We need to be able to discern like Joshua and go on our knees to reverence the Lord for surely He has carried along with Him a new strategic war plan for us. V14.

Many allowed the promises of God to remain dormant by looking at circumstances. When you do so, your life comes to a standstill fully depressed. God’s people are the light of the world and should not allow old nature of iniquitous patterns to block their destiny.

People allow themselves to be at half way point not knowing where to turn because they don’t want to accept new challenges of adjusting to new culture of place they are not familiar with. They prefer to be in a familiar place where their friends are as reinforcements are readily available. This is not God’s plan for you. God’s plan is always for you to soar with new challenges. He had already given you His spiritual tools to conquer and to protect yourself. Never lay down your shield and your sword.

God is now calling us to move forward notwithstanding the circumstances. That is always His plans for us. As you commit to move forward, now that you have crossed over, He will guide you how to proceed. Don’t proceed with your natural understanding of either retreating or quitting and proceed with a plan God has not ordained. Joshua committed himself to conquer his iniquitous patterns of fear and insecurity and received instructions to send praises to bring the Jericho wall down and succeeded with God’s commission to possess and divide the inheritance.

Are you on the cross road now? You have crossed over but you are now stuck at mid point. God is a God of Divine order. He meets you at your belief and confidence in Him. Those at mid point are those lacking intimacy with God. God does not force you to proceed but inspire you to do so. You have to make your choice to continue with the plan of commitment to His plans for you at the land of crossover or to abandon the commission He has for you.

A man who is easily moved by doubt is a double-minded man unstable in all he does. James says a person with this nature will never receive anything from the Lord. James 1:7-8. Every good and perfect gift is from above, our Heavenly Father who does not change like the shifting shadow. V17.

Therefore do not follow the pattern of the world but be transformed to have a stable mind and be confident of God’s plans for you. Let us pray for fresh anointing to move forward like the apostles did prior to Pentecost in one accord. This fresh anointing will enable you to break the bonds to a greater plan than what you can imagine. Nahum 1:13, Micah 2:13. God be praised.

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