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Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

God is speaking to your faith today. We always say we have faith but truly don’t understand the word ‘faith’. If you do, and u have faith you will have your prayers answered.

Heb 11.1 Faith is likened to quality or power that things desired become the things possessed. That is the nearest definition of faith attempted by the inspired word of God. 

Faith cannot be confined neither can it be analysed. Faith cannot be measured like time and energy cannot be measured. Hence God said even your faith as small as a mustard seed can uproot your mountain of problems. Mt 17.20 Luke 17.6 and Mark 11.23.         

Mat 15:28 Jesus says you will have whatever you desire. Hence faith is the power of God that will translate your desire to your possession. Jesus always asks people about their faith whenever they go to Him for healing or for financial breakthrough.

Do not confuse faith with presumption. Faith is more than belief. Faith is a gift of God given by His grace. Without grace, you have no faith to believe that Jesus is the way to God. Faith is more than your confidence, more than your trust, more than all these things added together. Unless it is pure Holy spirit’s faith it will never work. It also require your response to the word of God spoken to your heart.

Faith can only be imparted to God in your heart. Only Jesus can give you faith for healing. Heb 12.2 teaches that Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith.   

You can believe a promise yet not have the faith to appropriate it. Belief is a mental quality. It is the heart that man believes unto righteousness. Rom 10:10. Heart belief is faith. Our belief must be God-inspired. Only the knowledge of Jesus the word can there be faith. Peter’s faith was on impulse the mental quality and this is why he fell into the water after walking for a distance. Faith must be a heart belief and a heart trust.

Finances can be multiplied if the attitude of giving is right. Gen 4:7. Miracle healing takes place when you obey the words planted in your heart with total heart belief and trust. Pro 3:5. You have to trust God with your whole heart and not lean on your own understanding. Analyzing is doubt. Unbelief or doubt is a sin.

Pas 39:1 Guard your ways so that you will not sin with your tongue. Wait patiently for the Lord and He will incline His ears to your cry. Pas 40:1.

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