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Deuteronomy 8:2-4

And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.

3 So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.

4 Your garments did not wear out on you, nor did your foot swell these forty years..

Today’s Inspiration: Those who have poverty mentality will always have lack and will face adversity cyclically. In God’s kingdom there is no lack. Even the forty years in the desert God led Israelites to the water and provided manna. Their garments did not wear out and their feet did not swell. Deuteronomy 8:2-4. The reason He did this was to bring forth a truth that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out from the mouth of God which are all recorded in the Bible by Moses, the prophets and the apostles. Matthew 4.4. We need to remember that it is He who prolonged our life and preserved us. Psalm 121.

It is He who brings us to the Promised land where there will b be no scarcity. V6-9. W should bless the Lord our God when we yield the harvest. V10. The truth is He is the One who empowers us to produce wealth that He may establish His covenant that He swore to the patriarchs, our fathers. Therefore we must always remember the Lord our God and His goodness. Deuteronomy 8:18.

For all that God does He has a purpose. He released the Israelites from captivity of Egypt because it was time to transfer the wealth from Egypt to Israel. At every stage of life God shift the nation’s wealth. They were in captivity because of unbelief and disobedience. What a consequence to bear for disobedience and unbelief – 430 years in bondage. It was time to connect to His covenantal blessings.

We must remember it is not His will for us to live in lack and insufficiency. Rather it is His will to live in abundant overflow and prosperity.

The Jews do not believe in doctrine of poverty but they believe in the covenant of prosperity. When God called Moses to deliver the Israelites from captivity, it will take time but when it is time, He would take them on a journey to the Promised land and they would not leave empty handed but with abundant gold and silver from the Egyptians. It came to fulfillment with Moses instructions to the Israelites as they prepared to leave for Egypt. Exodus 3:20-22. It has always been God’s will to transfer wealth from the wicked to the righteous. Ecclesiastes 2:26.

When Jesus was made to wear the crown of thorns, it was to break the curse of poverty .Genesis 3:21-22 God had to sacrifice an animal to atone for Adam and Eve’s sins for He loved mankind so much that He wants to redeem them at a later stage through His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ. In verse 23-24 The Lord drove them out of the Garden of Eden.

What is the biblical significance of verses 23-24? V23 God physically removed them from the Garden a land of abundance flowing with milk and honey. V24 driving them out carries a spiritual meaning. In the garden everything prosper. When God removed Adam and Eve from the garden, they were removed from His presence physically and provision spiritually. They were cast out of the garden and into curse of poverty. Genesis 3:17-18. Thorns and thistles were considered curse of poverty. The soldiers took branches from a thorn Bush and made them into a crown piercing Jesus’ head. When the crown drew blood, we are reconnected to the covenant of prosperity and abundance. Redemption is not only being saved but reconnected to the covenant in which the wealth of the sinners are stored up for the righteous. Proverbs 13:22. This transfer of wealth from the Egyptians were necessary because they owed the Jews 430 years worth of back wages for eight generations.

Is transfer of wealth taking place still in this generation? Yes it will be. May you have the eyes to see the richness of His grace Ephesians 1:7 In Him we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins according to the richness of His grace. Jesus did not shed His blood once but seven times. Leviticus 16:14. One of the seven places was to break the curse of poverty which is so important in the heart of God. As His covenantal children how can we be in lack? Till we pursue to be part of God’s plan, we cannot be connected to the covenant of prosperity. God be praised!

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