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Job 17:1-2

1 “My spirit is broken, my days are extinguished, the grave is ready for me.

2 Are not mockers with me? And does not my eye dwell on their provocation?

Today’s Inspiration: When things don’t seem to go our way, we tend to think like Job especially when people tell us there is sin in our life that triggers the calamity. Job 17:1-2. Like him, we think our days are changed into darkness and there is no more meaning or purpose in our life. V11-12. Even our friends could not help us. Instead of comfort, they torment our soul. Job 19:2 Job was no different. He asked his friends how long will they torment his soul? How much do we trust God at a time like this especially when circumstances do not give us hope?

2 Timothy 4:7-8 reminds us that we must put up a good fight of faith knowing full well that God is the author of our life, our faith and our salvation. Discouragement and hopelessness are strategies the enemy used against us and when we respond, we are doomed for destruction. As I said yesterday we should not look at our circumstances and wallow in discouragement and self pity but rather channel our energies to exterminate these lies of the enemy and declare they have no power over our lives. God is the security of our life. We should not fear. We submit to His will and purpose and be patient like Joseph to wait for His timing to bring us out of the pit to the palace.

We ought to stop complaining with words of negativity as our words generate the results just as when God called forth the creation of the world He desires, It came into being. When we wallow in self pity, we can’t hear God. He is the beginning and source of all power in our mind. Man makes tools to intensify power but real power is in the power of God’s wisdom in the mind because without it, we cannot create the tool that generates power.

Job came to realise that words play a prominent role in Deliverance, so he declared that the things he declared will be established. We will make our prayers and He will hear us. Job 22:27-28. He even declares that God will even deliver one who is not innocent with the purity of His hands. V30. Though he didn’t see instant results with these words, he keeps declaring words in the positive. He continues to declare that God can do everything and that no purpose of His can be withheld from Him, and that he has heard from Him, now his eyes see him which brings him to his knees in true repentance. Job 42:1,3-4. He finally received Deliverance.

With these Revelations, the Lord restored his losses double what he has lost and blessed his latter days more than his beginning. Job 42:12.

Don’t be overly discouraged by what is revealed by the Holy Spirit. Rather than wallowing in discouragement when the heart sins are being revealed, make concerted efforts to get rid of their power over your lives, always telling the enemy that they have no right to your life and mind as you are being purchased by God with His blood. God is a consuming fire that can burn out the enemies of our soul. Hebrews 12:29.

It is always good to take control of the forces that tried to disqualify us by examining ourselves and rededication to the Lord from time to time. God be praised!

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