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Psalm 63:5

5 And My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.

In good times and bad times praise Him. In your struggle reflect before Him and allow Him to awaken your spirit to His plan. Let your soul be satisfied with marrow and fatness and remove fear from your spirit and enjoy His presence. Psa63:5 and Psa 64:1. Let your soul thirsts for Him even in your struggle. Psa 63:1.

As you are born again u now need to grow up again in Christ. Born again to a new life and to Christ’s family means we strip off our filthy garments and put on new garments of praise and robe of righteousness. Joseph was sent to have new life in Egypt to discern what the world is like and how his godly life in Christ could bring glory to God. The robe his father gave him was an affirmation of the prophetic dream he had. It was a robe of righteousness that he was to wear in the land of the wicked. In the natural we see him being favoured by his father but in the spiritual God was humbling him and working on his character to one of humility and righteousness to point to God our father as the provider and sustenance of all things.

In the natural it was injustice done to him first by his brothers then by Portiphar’s wife but God was testing him on his morality, and eternal values. It was wisdom of interpreting dreams that brought him out of prison. Today many young people conform to the world and have been ensnared by satan. By the time they realised it, they had to travel a long journey. The israelites took 40 years to enter into God’s promise because they had no faith in God. For Joseph he waited for God’s timing to get out. 

It was forgiveness that God set him free and was able to reconcile with his family. With reconciliation he got the best land for his family which was fully protected by God in good and bad times.

We are in the year of seven fold restoration. Would you see the reality of His promises this year. Its time for you to thirst for Him even if you are still going through your wilderness experience.

What is the covenant with God you have yet to fulfill? What are the assignments given that are still in the shelf waiting for execution? Just prayer without an act of faith will not work.

As always we need to protect God’s promises to us by being prayerful or Satan will steal God’s glory. Yet all is not lost because God will always redeem and transform bad situation to victory. Mistakes in life are always lessons of life which when we take heed will ultimately soar us to greater heights.

What a mighty God we serve! Meditate on Genesis 41 to 47 today and gather lessons of life to transform your situation.

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