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Proverbs 30:5                                

5  Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

Today’s Inspiration: Every word of God is flawless and is eternal. We can never add to His words or He will rebuke us and consider us a liar. Proverbs 30:5.

Acts 2:42 requires us to assemble together to study the Word that we might inspire one another. Communion in fellowship is key to growth. Every member of Christ’s family grows and builds others. We need to be people oriented more than program minded. We must create a culture where everyone takes responsibility to grow, serve and build up his or her character so that he or she be living examples to the world to transform some if not all.

Jesus stresses more on building relationships. Matthew 22:37-40 He advocates on loving one another to the extent of blessing our enemies. We need to make a lifelong commitment to the Lord to growing, serving and building one another. We need to understand our calling, ministry options and the importance of character building to integrate into God’s vision for the organisation we belong. Jesus was sent to the world to show the way of life, die for humanity, build a small group of disciples who would be his leaders and apostles, reveal His Father to them and proclaim the Kingdom of God by His works and words.

Our responsibility is to do the work of the ministry, be a living example of Christ that we might build others to be leaders through our experiences and demonstration in ministry.

Learning the deeper meaning of the Cross, the power of His resurrection and the indwelling spirit of God is our responsibility to ourselves and to others. Above all we must know God personally. Acts 4:13.

People were amazed at what disciples could do even though they did not go to Bible schools. Jesus did not suggest they go Bible schools but be with Him. He emphasised more in relationships. He spends time with people, listening to them, talking with them, helping them with their lives and leading them to the Father.

Sharing our own lives, our inner motives, our thoughts, our fears, our struggles, our hardships and victories etc go a long way in impacting people’s lives. In life we must impact as many people as possible so that we can point them to the Kingdom and empower them to grow in the Lord and emerge as leader. Every believer needs to be a minister. They are built a few at a time. Matthew 13:31-32. Moses built Joshua, who built the elders, Elijah built Elisha who built a company of prophets. Paul takes time to develop a few men to be His leaders who built others to be leaders. Leaders need to mature in Christ before they can lead others. 2 Timothy 2:2.

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