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Numbers 13:30 

30 Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”

Today’s Inspiration: We need more people with faith like Caleb during Moses time, when we find no road out of the wilderness. We must register in our mind that with God we are able to overcome. Numbers 13:30. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Luke 1:37.

Despite seeing all the miracles of God, the Israelites want to select a leader that will lead them back to Egypt. Numbers 14:4. When they heard stories of the giants in Canaan, they lost hope.

Life is all about change. Its all about changing consistently ourselves to His sovereign will. Its time to let go of our own selfishness and stubbornness and receive our breakthrough. Troubles comes only when we insist our own ways. May the Holy spirit convicts you to a change.

Life is about continuous learning. We can never stop learning. Revelatory encounters are given to us to change our character and our thoughts to His will.

One final word of truth for today. As Disciples we should work to head for the Father’s house. It is time to prepare ourselves for that day. The parable of the prodigal son is an example of a fool with selfish means and desires. The world revolves around him oblivious to the deceitfulness of riches. He learnt truth and returned to His Father’s house for forgiveness and servitude. Luke 15:18.

What hinder our faith is our tendency to react when the going gets tough. Fear is dominant in everyone of our life. Fear hinders us to move forward. We tend to look at our past failures and avoid the path rather than believe in God and have the courage and power to forge forward. If we continue in this manner, we will never progress nor attain our aspirations. Satan’s greatest psychological weapon is to inflict fear, inferiority and inadequacy. Low esteem destroys our dreams, ruins our relationships and sabotages our Christian service.

The enemy is all out to rob you of your faith in God. Staying close to the Father was a day by day priority for Jesus. To make sure he keeps on track, he regularly spent time alone with the Father. How many times did scriptures repeatedly tells us that Jesus withdrew to a solitary place. Matthew 14:13.

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