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Romans 9:20

20 “ But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?”

Today’s Inspiration: Today being the first day of Chinese New Year, God wants to increase your level of righteousness of faith. It’s your faith that pleases God that touched His heart to pour out miraculous harvest of health, peace, spiritual growth and prosperity. We can never question God for what He is doing. Romans 9:20. God is always in the moulding process for those who loved Him. God’s moulding process is for our own good to make known the riches of His glory, which He has prepared us beforehand for glory V23-24.

It’s His prerogative right to have mercy on those whom He had mercy and compassion whom He has compassion. Therefore God does not bless us according to our works but according to His Mercy. V15-16. Above all, He blesses us according to the righteousness of our faith. We count ourselves having His Mercy as He has called us His people who were once not His people. V25-26.

We sometimes cannot fathom the extent of His Mercy and grace. All He requires us to do, is to just believe in Him wholeheartedly knowing full well that He is a merciful God.

In Psalm 73 the psalmist Asaph almost stumbled as he reflects on God’s unfairness when he compared his position to the wicked who seemed to have no pain. Having no solution He decided to seek God, at the sanctuary knowing that God is good to Israel to such as pure at heart. Psalm 73:1, 16-17. It was at the sanctuary that God opened his spirit to the purpose of God in his life. God is always in the process of preparing us for entrance into His kingdom. Just as a teacher prepares students for graduation and service, God gives us lessons of faith to clothe us with His glory and eternal life.

Our purpose in life is to walk and live by faith but not by sight and trust His grace for service to Him. It is also to declare His mighty works in our life. Psalm 73:28. God be praised!

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