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Isaiah 54:14

14  In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear;
and from terror, for it shall not come near you.

Today’s Inspiration: Sometimes we wonder why God’s people are not spared from the terrors that are around us although God’s word in Isaiah 54:14 says tyranny will be far from us and that we should have nothing to fear for He will remove terror from us and it will not come near to us. We rejoice at this word yet we are still going through heavy trials for the wrong choices we have made.

We can proclaim Psalm 91:10-11 that since the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us, sin cannot overtake us as the Lord is our refuge and no harm will befall us and no disaster will come to our dwelling place. Yet we see angel of death knocking at the door of Christians. I have always pondered over this question since my time of conversion and have done many research of human nature of man, examining carefully what Jeremiah says in Jeremiah 17:9 on the condition of human heart that is diseased beyond cure and come to the conclusion that Christianity is about the spiritual war against our human nature to arrive at God’s Divine attributes. This is truly the heart of Christianity which James wrote in James 1.

Today the world is suffering a heart disease that is beyond cure. I am talking on our human heart diseased with self-indulgence, self-will, self-ambition, idolatry of pride, covetousness and mastery of self which is a contravention of God’s tenth commandment. It’s not the least commandment but the commandment where all human nature derived from which God deemed as idolatry from beginning of time. The only cure is in God’s word being a mirror to our soul. James 1:23-27 the very heart of our faith.

Prosperity lies not in our material wealth and riches but our treasure lies in the human heart which Jesus proclaims that where the treasure is there your heart is. Matthew 6:21. This is why He taught so much to His disciples on the human heart in the sermon on the Mount. Matthew 15:8-20 the clean and unclean heart.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 24:37 that before His return the condition of human heart will be become as wicked if not more than they were in the days of Noah recorded in Genesis 6:5 by Moses. He will examine and see every intent of the thoughts of our heart that are always continually evil. He classifies us good and faithful servant not in terms of what we can generate for Him but He is also looking at our heart if it is regenerated to the brim by His power and our response to Him in terms of our choices in relationship with Him and with men. Matthew 22:40 is very neglected in our study which is talking about choices of a human heart.

In preparation of His coming, we need to reflect where our heart is through the mirror of His word against the thoughts and intents of our heart done and to be done. Why Christians have failed to be witness lies in the neglect of dealing with human heart, which is meant to be sacrificial in relationship to man. The Book of Leviticus needs to be seriously studied on the subject of Holiness. Paul and Peter stressed so much on sins of carnality the sins of the flesh. We tend to forget that by not mirroring our carnal sin, we are what James classified as a man who look into the mirror and walk away not examining the sin of our carnal nature and hence not measuring our standard of morality and spirituality before God. James 1:23-25. We tend to forget that there is remnant of carnality in us that can deceive us. Deceitfulness carries a more extensive area of sin than one thinks in the Hebrew perspective which we will discuss in my next discipleship lesson with the disciples. One of them that deserves pondering is self-justification and self-will where we tend to do what out human nature desires without seeking God’s will. Ezekiel picked up that man’s heart is a heart of stone and this is why pride and covetousness reigns so much in our heart that it takes time to break this human heart of stone which Jeremiah says it is incurable if we continue to choose the path and angel of hell is knocking at our door.

God deals with Job on his self-indulgence, self-mastery because of intellect and capabilities. Satan has blinded his eyes so he don’t see fault of human nature in himself. This is the forbidden fruit we are not to eat when God gives the first command to mankind: disobedience in terms of pride and covetousness that had caused the down fall of man even up to today.

We need to heed Jesus’ warning on the human heart as we prepare His return. Paul spoke of this to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:15. There is more to deal in a human heart than what you think or imagine.

So let’s examine our heart this morning and allow God to remove the remnant of the sins of human heart and thought as we look into His Law of freedom to set our human heart free. Why does a baby come to the world uttering a cry at birth is something worth pondering. God be praised.

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