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Romans 12:21

21  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Today’s Inspiration: Romans 12:21. Evil can only be overcome with good. We were saved to become more like the image of our Lord, to take on His nature, take up our crosses daily, resolving to lay down our rights, our lives, our reputation for the sake of even those who are attacking us. This should be the calling of all Christians. But how many of us are willing to fulfill this calling?

Today the Lord reveals that every beast will even protect the young yet human beings are willing without remorse to abort His created beings that were formed in His image like us. God was revealing a fact of how low mankind had actually fallen.

Another fallen nature of man was the homosexuality that is almost the norm in the universe which is enmity against God. To cast them out, we need the spirit of God to cast out and not by our natural understanding. Rage or intolerance cannot conquer. Only truth will convict the sinner to bow their knees to Christ. We should never allow enmity any place in our life. We must resolve to overcome evil with good. Only light can enlighten darkness. Nothing can remove the stain except the blood of Jesus that was shed for us on the cross. He took our place thus removing sin curse in our lives. Galatians 3:13. Through His powerful Resurrection, He conquered death and offered us an eternal future.

Many of us believe that life is all about abundance of possessions. The Bible calls this as false assumption. A large following does not mean the man is upright. Deception attracts a crowd. The broad road more will walk on it.

A man is not self made. He cannot function on his own intelligence and abilities. If he does, it’s an illusion that brings forth all kind of mistakes and thoughts. A man who believes he owns all possessions may think he can function independently of God. This is false confidence as you see from the world today that even the richest man’s son’s life cannot be saved without a miraculous touch from the Lord.

Jesus told of a parable in Luke 12:16-20 and concluded with verse 21 that whoever stored up things for themselves but not rich towards God, his life will be demanded from him then who will get what he has prepared for himself. Pride and self ambition will not be able to inherit the kingdom of God. It was the deep humbling and suffering experience that caused changed king Nebuchadnezzar’s way of thinking to praising God the Most High as One who lives forever in honor and glory. Daniel 4:34. God be praised!

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