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Isaiah 43:21

21  This people I have formed for Myself; They shall declare My praise..”

Today’s Inspiration: We tend to forget that God formed us specifically to declare His praise. Isaiah 43:21. This message is timely as my film on my encounter and reconciliation of marriage is meant to praise Him and to win more souls to Christ and even to touch believers and backsliders whose marriages are on the rocks so that they too will declare His praises when the Holy Spirit convicted them to reconcile. I thank God for the video team who birthed the film. When God gave us a miracle, we should be thankful and maintain the testimony. We should erase our memory of our pain from the past and move on with His plan and purpose for us. Isaiah 43:18.

From beginning of time, God desires your Communion and presence not existence only. It’s at the secret place of the most High God that you discover your destiny and calling. Most of our time are devoted to our work that we ignore His soft prompting of wanting to be with you. Scriptures are so awesome that when you seek Him in silence just soaking in the anointing of His presence, that you are struck with a word of Revelation that you have never envisaged before. We need to live a life of becoming not toiling or striving.

From the beginning of creation of man, God desires a perfect home and family and this is why He wants Communion with us to guide us to the appropriate way of life that brings abundance of peace, harmony, uplifting of the soul, Divine health and financial health. John 10:10. But the devil always wants to come and steal, kill and destroy what God desires for our life. So we must take heed of the soft prompting of the Holy Spirit and be careful how we listen. Luke 8:18.

2020 will be a year of fulfilled vision and God will give you the funds and resources you need to do everything He had called you to do. God is doing a new work and gathering all the misfits and those rejected to build into something new. We need to press into prayer and praising God in the midst of our circumstances so that we will soon see the breakthrough we need. It will birth through intense intercession and the pleading of the Blood of Jesus to cover the land allotted to us.

God has been with you since the day you were taken out from your mother’s womb. Ps 22:10. He was your God from the very beginning even though you don’t know Him. Will He not fulfill His plans and purpose for you? May God give clarity to your vision! All things are possible to those who believe. Mark 9:23-24.

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