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Ecclesiastes 3                                 

1  To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:.

Today’s Inspiration: Indeed how true God’s word is! If you work according to His plan and time, He will turn the tables against your enemies. We have seen it throughout the Bible which were written for us as lessons of life. God has His time to intervene. Ecclesiastes 3:1 and Esther 9:1-11.

God gave us two hands as sources of fulfilment. Your right hand stands for your relationship with God and your left hand for your competence in ministry. Relationship with God must come first then relationship with men. Competence can only work effectively through our yielding. His purpose is not for you to do more for Him but that you will choose to be more with Him. Only by abiding can you enjoy the most rewarding friendship with God and receive the greatest abundance for His glory.

To abide means to stay connected continuously for long term to be nourished with spiritual food that empowers triumph in everything that you do. Jesus expects his disciples to yield miraculous fruit that will turn the world upside down. The key to this miracle is abiding in Him and fixing your eyes on Him always so as to obtain a release from the snare. Psalm 25:15.

What caused Esther to win the battle over Haman was primarily God’s favour on her life and wisdom besides being courageous and fasting and praying. Finally it was God’s supernatural intervention that creates perception of Haman by the king. Indeed the battle belongs to the Lord. 2 Chronicles 20:15-17. His ways are not our ways. Isaiah 55:8.

Esther would have prayed like Nehemiah to remember the evil deeds of Haman. Nehemiah 6:14.

God pursues. He initiates. Our role is to respond to Him before we could see a 180 degree shift towards fruitfulness to the highest level. Pruning is painful but when you persevere, you see the miraculous yield of a harvest you never would have experienced without Him. Only remember what Christ did for you at Cavalry. Do not neglect the House of God. Nehemiah 10:39.

Your battle against lack or disease can only be won in the spirit. You were pruned to be more than conquerors. Romans 8:37.


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