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Ecclesiastes 8:5-7                                 

He who keeps his command will experience nothing harmful; and a wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment,

6 Because for every matter there is a time and judgment, though the misery of man increases greatly.

7 For he does not know what will happen; so who can tell him when it will occur?

Today’s Inspiration: Obedience builds a hedge of protection on your life and no violence will come to your family. Anxiety weighs us down and attracts more adversities. God has a proper time and procedure for every matter concerning our lives. Since no man can foresee what is to come, it is best to follow the leading of the Lord. Ecclesiastes 8:5-7.

Fiery trials are times in which our love for our Lord is strengthened. The Lord stripped everything from us till we come to terms with Him that whatever belongs to us are His and He is all that we need. There are areas in our life we cannot handle. Only the Lord can resolve your problem. The Lord is looking for God fearing men who are reverent before God so that they can be His vessel of honour and all will be well with them and their days will be lengthened. Therefore do not envy wicked men who prosper. In due time, their deeds will catch up with them and be brought to their knees. Every man has his time and chance. Wealth is not to the brilliant, or favour to the learned. Your attitude towards it matters. Verses 11-12, 9:11-12.

Let His love purge you of every fleshy and defiling desire and draws you into the fiery flame of His Love. The fiery trials were meant to draw you into an intensity of a loving relationship that outshines even the brightest sunrise. The trials were meant to capture and possess every part of your being by revealing to you the fire of His Love and to enjoy and rejoice at the hearing of His voice. He must increase but we must decrease. John 3:29-30.

Our God is a consuming fire. He will consume everything in you that is not from Him. Let His word bring fire to your whole being to make you whole. Whatever is not from Him will be uprooted. Matthew 15:13.

Which category are you in? First category is merely believers with 30-fold fruitfulness, second category is disciples or servant reaping 60-fold and third category partnership with Christ to reproduce disciples for they have learned the secret of becoming yoked with Christ and working together with Him. Matthew 13:8, John 15:13-15.

Many cannot attain maturity because they have no growing up years. You have to address the wounds of childhood and learn the reparenting skills of the Lord before you can move onto maturity or you cannot break your cyclical problems.

Genesis 1:28 Be fruitful and multiply! God promised you a fruitful year this year but this can only be achieved with watchfulness in prayer. “Grow in maturity” is God’s heartcry for you.

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