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Jeremiah 30:10                       

10  ‘Therefore do not fear, O My servant Jacob,’ says the LORD,‘Nor be dismayed, O Israel; for behold, I will save you from afar, and your seed from the land of their captivity. Jacob shall return, have rest and be quiet, and no one shall make him afraid.”

Today’s Inspiration: Do not fear and do not be dismayed. This is what the Lord declared in Jeremiah 30:10. The power of old habit structure of fear, anxiety, bitterness and anger etc must be torn down so that they have no claim over us. The irritations that trigger our old habit patterns are not always easily recognisable even our pride but it lies in the tone of communication that caused people to provoke. They often sneak in like little foxes slipping in to eat our tender grapes and we cannot afford not to be watchful especially at this season of harvest. Songs 2:15.

Foxes of thought creep through our mental and emotional defences to threaten the development of the new fruit of the garden of our life as it begins to blossom in us.

We must watch out that we do not fall prey to the old pattern of self-pity or enticement of a relationship that wrongly promised comfort. Do not be carried away by any emotional outburst. Colossians 1:9-12 should be our regular prayer.

We are called to live in a healthful balance of resting in the Lord. We cannot accomplish on our own. John 15:15. We need the Lord to help us conquer these little foxes. It is not by might, not by power but by His spirit. Zechariah 4:6. We need to overcome self before we can overcome the giants. Man can never be complete unless we conquer self. With man it is impossible. With God all things are possible. Mark 10:27.

Conquering self is to be able to be part of the chorus in fellowship. It is fellowship that strikes the hand and lifts our loads beyond our comprehension. It is fellowship that finally enables us to forget what lies behind and making possible pressing forward to the mark of the price of higher calling in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14. With fellowship comes cleansing and healing.

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