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Psalm 139:17

17  How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!  How great is the sum of them!.

Today’s Inspiration: The Lord is cutting away every earthly tie that distracts you from His best will in heaven for your life. This is the purpose of your testing. He longs to see you whole and filled you with peace. So let Him cut away that which will keep you from being whole and experience His covenantal blessings. How precious is His thoughts for you. How vast is the sum of them. Psalm 139:17.

Though everything around you may seem gloomy, He has plans for you that you cannot fathom. He is daily watching over you to rebuild and replant you according to His new plans for you. Abide in Him that you can hear your new plans specifically. John 15:7. He is the vine you are the branches. As the branch, we must be attached to Him tightly so that we will not break, but be pruned, be fruitful and multiply. John 15:1-2.

Once you abide in Him, He can accomplish, confirm and continue His will in your life in order to bring you to His new plan. Watch with Him so that when He opens new doors for you, you will enter into a dimension that you have never done before- a new realm of freedom, victory and glory. He desires to store up new strength in you to advance and to succeed.

So lay down your own performance and enter into His performance. What He promised He is able to perform. Romans 4:21. His power performed for Daniel and his three friends and Moses miraculously just to name a few, He will do for you. God be praised!

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