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Mark 5:28              

28 For she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.”

Today’s Inspiration: It is through desperation for Jesus’ healing’ intervention that caused the woman with the issue of blood to press through the crowd to touch even the helm of Jesus’ robe with the conception that if she does so, she will be healed. Mark 5:28. It is this thought that made Jesus to attend to her first before proceeding to Jairus’ house to raise his daughter from the dead. Jesus knows all hearts.

Jesus appreciates full trust and confidence in Him and persevering faith. She was so desperate for healing and has heard about Jesus’ supernatural power of healing. She knew she was ceremonially unclean yet she was certain that even she can touch his clothes she will be well. Instead of shouting in desperation for healing she silently touched his clothes.

This is an illustration of the need to be bold to hold onto what we believe and not to be deterred by circumstances or discouraged by others. All things are possible to those who believe Mark 9:23.

Jesus was illustrating to us how to function in our mission in the realm of His kingdom. Jesus was on the way to Jairus’ house to raise up his daughter. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Him, power came out of Him and He knew that someone had touched Him. He attended to her first on the way to Jairus house. This tells us Jesus’ willingness to heal the sick.

Finally He said ‘Daughter your faith has made you well.’ It was Jesus’ authority and the woman’s faith and confidence in Jesus’ healing power that made her well. Making Jesus the Lord of your life irrespective of whether He heals or not and persevering faith made supernatural healing possible when medical science fails. Sometimes we just wonder how God can heal miraculously of situation that seems so hopeless. Indeed the Lord God Almighty deserves all honour and praise. She did not doubt at all of Jesus’ healing.

It’s like the man with slip disk problems in Melbourne. The pastor wanted me to come and pray for healing but owing to busyness of the mission, I could not do so. On the 5th day at a meeting where I was preaching, he was carried in. After preaching the word, I prayed for him and he was instantly healed. Here again its his strong belief that God will use me to heal him that he did not go for surgery but came to the meeting to be healed. Persevering faith matters. God be praised and all glory belong to Him. Therefore do not give up. Hang onto your belief and wait for God’s timing to heal.

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