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Romans 15:13

13  Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Today’s Inspiration: Today I want to bless you with joy and peace as you abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13. The time of circuit breaker, is a time to reflect our attitude towards God. When circuit breaker trips, we must switch back so that light will return. Hence circuit breaker time is not the time of darkness but to allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate our hearts to give us hope.

Whatever things that were written from the scriptures were for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures gives us hope. V4. It is this hope that strengthens our spirit especially in times of crisis where you do not know when God will resolve our problem. Psalm 110:2 commands us to rule in the midst of our enemies for He shall send us strength. When things are difficult, if we quit, we have to reflect whether we are glorifying God. We are supposed to be His witness and set up a standard for God. Instead we should ask God for wisdom and the timely words for people to reflect their actions and to ask the Holy Spirit to convict those who are against us if that is the attitude they should live.

The world maybe in recession but God’s kingdom and His Dominion endures forever. Therefore let us edify instead of strife for edification brightens the atmosphere even enlightening all darkness as we are supposed to walk in the light since the Holy Spirit living in us is the light that energizes our spirit and nourishes our soul. Therefore let us continuously affirm the image of health and breakthrough in all areas of our life that all may be well with us and our generations even at this time of testing.

Set a good example for your descendants. King Solomon with all the wisdom that attract the world’s greatest riches to him could not set an example for his generation as scripture records that Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon who succeeded after him made the people suffer worser oppression than his father Solomon did, indicating Solomon was a wicked king as well, oppressiing the people with whips like what Egypt did to Israelites making them captive again. Jeroboam refused to listen to the elders’ godly advice. 2 Chronicles 10:13-14.

King Solomon regards his riches were for his pleasure more than for God’s kingdom unlike his father David. His lack of devotion to God led him to flee instead of reformation. So Israel had been in rebellion against the House of David to this day. V16-19. How important it is to set an example for our children to have devotion to God in the fear and love of God. Rehoboam did evil because he did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord. 2 Chronicles 12:14.

Our success depends on our attitude towards God and our brethren. This is how God will judge us. Our life is governed by the two greatest commandments of Jesus and ten commandments handed down by Moses. Jesus showed us the way to abundant Life. He lived a life with daily devotion to God. It’s through our devotion to God where guidance to our life comes. The world is in shambles because they do not worship the true God but their own desires. God is a Jealous God. He will not allow anyone to take His place in your life. Moses’ life was devotional and hence you see God turning him from an ordinary man to an extraordinary one being used powerfully by God to perform miracles.

Moses’ instructions were to not only take heed of God’s statutes and righteous judgement and to keep them diligently lest the people forget the glory that was shown to them but to diligently teach them to children and their Grand children. Deuteronomy 4:8-9.

Hence if all is to be well with us and our descendants, we should be disciplined in our devotion and do our part to discipline our children in the word. That is the responsibility God gives us not only to our descendants but to the family of Christ we have built around us. God be praised!

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