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Isaiah 32:9

Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.

Today’s Inspiration: As we prepare for the opening of 2020 a year of victory, a word of caution is we cannot afford to be lukewarm or complacent. Isaiah 32:9. Those who are lukewarm will bear consequences. We need to be like the disciples in the Book of Acts who are prayerful corporately in one accord praying for Dunamis power. God is pouring out His sprit in 2020 like never before. Until the spirit is poured out, our efforts will not bear the fruit desired. V15.

2020 is the year of 10th the beginning of a new decade and the beginning of a new generation. Adam’s generation ends with Noah, the 9th generation. 10th generation begins with Abraham whom God credit as righteous. We are Abraham’s seed. So 2020 is a year of inheritance, a year of possessing new territories, a year we are catapulted to the new a year of new generation as we close the 9 which is a finality of old decade. Old structures are torn down and new foundations are being laid with new pillars erected. At the 9th hour Cornelius sought God and the angel appeared to prepare him for new life. Therefore 2020 all things become new and there will be birthing of new life, new business, new ideas, new change in families.

2020 being a year of victory had it’s acronym – validation, increase, catapulting, taking territories, opportunity, restoration and yearning for His presence. Validation is God validates His possession of us. Increase is that God will multiply our sowing one hundred fold like he did for Isaac. Genesis 26:12. Catapult is suddenly God launch you into prominence. Taking territories is starting new business or taking your health back. Opportunity is believing all that is promised to you and it will explode to abundance. Multiple doors will be opened. Restoration is God is restoring what you have lost and the enemy will regret stealing from you. There will be an overflow. Yearning for His presence will attract Dunamis power to you.

Therefore enter 2020 with a good spirit and receive your victory. Before you call and whilst you are speaking, the answers are already on the way to you. Isaiah 65:24. Receive your victory in 2020!

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