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Job 22:25-26

25 Yes, the Almighty will be your gold and your precious silver;

26 For then you will have your delight in the Almighty, and lift up your face to God.

Today’s Inspiration: Let God Almighty be your gold and your precious silver so that your prayers bee answered. Job 22:25, 27. Whatever you declare and it will be established and light will shine your way. V28. God created your lips and your tongue to declare His oracles and not to condemn, judge or criticise. You cannot speak blessings and curses from the same mouth. Negative emotions are demonic and cannot dwell with the Lord in your heart. May the Lord prepare you as a holy sanctuary unto you.

You need to refine your heart at the altar. Treasure the words of God in your heart more than necessary food. Food consumed will be purged out but God’s word spoken to your heart is nailed deep into your spirit to bring life in the spirit to your soul. Let the comnandment of His lips don’t depart from your mouth. Job 23:10. Testing is good for your soul. When you navigate through, you will come forth as gold. V10.

Testing is the discipline of the Lord to transform your mind and your thoughts and bring healing abd salvation to your soul. The more we complain and murmur, the further is God from you. Korah challenged Moses and Aaron in rebellion and God judged him for insubordination to the authority appointed by God by opening up the earth and swallow him and his family and his tribe. Numbers 16:32. This judgement was in response to a word decreed by Moses. V29. This decree is to justify that God has anointed Moses to do His will and not by his own will. V29-29. So never rebel against the anointing of God’s servant. When Miriam and Aaron challenged Moses, God made her leprous. Numbers 12:1-3, 10. Because of Moses intervention and Aaron’s repentance God made her whole. Numbers 12:13-15. God will bring to justice all lawlessness and wickedness.

The Lord did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any other people but you were the least of all people but because the Lord loves you too keep His covenant which He swore to Abraham. Deuteronomy 7:7-8 which fulfils His covenant in Genesis 15:13. In the same covenant He promised Abraham that after redemption they will come out with great possessions. V14. This was fulfilled in Exodus 12:36.

These prophecies are fulfilled for the purpose of building an inhabitation for God to dwell. From beginning of creation, He desires to communion with the people He created. He created us for His pleasure and empowers us to take dominion. Genesis 1:28. He provides us with abundance so that we can give generously that we might reap generously. 2 Corinthians 9:6. If you are willing to build His house and make the Almighty your gold and precious silver then you will reap multiplication and receive healing of your wounded soul this season. God be praised!

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