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Job 22:21                       

21  “Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.”

Today’s Inspiration: Submit to God and be at peace with Him. In this way prosperity will come to you. Job 22:21. James also declared that when you submit to God, the enemy of your soul will flee from you. James 4:7. Panic is something we should avoid when we are beset with obstacles. Instead, accept all the instructions from the mouth of God and lay up His promises from the Bible in your heart. Proverbs 21;22. What you decide on, God promises light will shine your way. Verse 28.

Even in Romans 4:17 He promised that you can call forth His promises and it will be done to you. Just like at the creation of the world, God said ‘Let there be light and there was light. ‘

There is power in your words. When you speak forth the word of God over your situation, you are actually invoking divine power and authority over your situation. God ‘s word is the highest authority in the universe. It exposes our sins and our life is judged by the word of God. Whenever you speak the word of God over your situation, it is so powerful that when it comes forth, it accomplishes what He pleases and prosper in the thing in which He has sent. His word will never return to Him void. Isaiah 55:11.’

Hence we must be careful with the words we speak and with whatever we think. When we think success, we will have success. Proverbs 23:7.

When you speak the word of God, you will have success and not failure. In all my years of ministry, i do see God put us through to a test and pruning process but He will never leave us nor forsake us. When we are proven to stand despite the odds against us, in His time He makes everything good as long as we do not waver in our faith. Romans 8:28. Joseph was tested again and again and finally He fulfilled God’s promises to Him and everyone has to depend upon Joseph for sustenance. There are situation where money cannot bring us out of calamity. Only God can heal our situation.

His word is profitable for knowledge, righteousness and spiritual maturity. His truth rules and reigns in our lives. His truth supersedes the law of man. Let God’s word accomplishes what you are praying for. His promises is yes and amen. 1 Corinthians 1:20. God’s word is the Truth.

Blessings and curses comes from our mouth. Proverbs 18:21. This means our mouth is prophetic as long as it is in line with God’s word. He promises that He will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 and will prosper you and give you success when you meditate and declare His word over your situation. Joshua sought God’s agenda before going to the field so does Jesus prior to ministry daily. All the more we should do it.

So daily seek Him about your situation, the purpose for which you are going through and what He intends you to do for Him, then seek His strategy to breakthrough the wilderness and declare success over the next step you are taking and wait for the deliverance of the Lord. This is what normally Moses did when there was no way to turn but ask the people not to panic and stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord and God paved the way for them. Exodus 14:14. God be praised. He is the pathway of our life.

Give thanks this morning for every success He is about to bring to you. Resist the enemy and don’t accept your situation. These are lies the enemy tried to hinder your progress. With God you will gain victory and trample down your enemies. Psalm 108:13. The Lord will indeed give what is good and your land will yield its harvest. Amen. Psalm 85:12. Enjoy His presence this morning!

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