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Matthew 28:19                                                

19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

oday’s Inspiration: If we exemplify Christ, we would have wisdom and have influence even to the Government. This was what happens to the first day century church. But today the Church is weak because of lack of discipleship. USA has seen many salvations but over the years discipleship no longer takes priority so the Church no longer could have a voice with the Government. This too is due to lack of discipleship.

Come 2019 God’s emphasis to all churches is on discipleship. This is why Jesus emphasised on discipleship in His Great Commission. Matthew 28:19. Go and make disciples. The Jews in Old Testament also emphasised on discipleship but their allegiance was more to the teacher and the Torah. For Jesus He taught that discipleship is allegiance to the Lord who is the Word.

Disciples are called and they share not only His message but also in His mission. A disciple must first come in faith and trust Luke 14.26 to receive salvation then follow Jesus. OT disciples was attachment to the Law and the way of life. Jesus’ disciples is a call to fellowship with Jesus and to obedient service for and to Him. As Jesus made it clear in Luke 9.23-25, the way of discipleship is nothing less than the way of the cross.

There is a cost of discipleship. Discipleship is a sacrifice, giving priority first to relationship with God before families. Luke 14.26. The word ‘hate’ means love less than. We must love our family less than the calling to be His disciple. Verse 27 unless we carry the cross we cannot be His disciple.

God does not call us to be a volunteer but to be His disciple. Apostle Paul picked this teaching up by asking us to offer our body as a living sacrifice. Romans 12:1. Secondly its not to have natural understanding (the world) but spiritual understand (a renewed transformed mind) v2. Its our whole spirit, soul and body to have allegiance to the Lord. God be praised! Fulfilment of these 2 pre-requisites qualify you as a disciple.

All are called but not all are chosen to be His disciple. Its our relationship with Him that matters. To build a tower you have to count the cost; more so you need to count the cost of discipleship. The better you are, the better people you meet.

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