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Psalm 34:11

 11  “ Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

Today’s Inspiration: Psalm 34:11 Come you children, listen to me. I will teach you the fear of the Lord. But alas! More people have fear of what is to come than to fear the Lord. Fear of man is made strong by our tendency to fear, rejection and the need for approval and acceptance. The Bible says who can come against us when God is for us? Romans 8:31. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1.

We must not allow chaos to enter our heart. Chaos is evil and play on our strongest emotions. There is a tendency to retaliate and break up in relationships. Do Good, seek peace and pursue it. Verse 14. Just when God’s glory is at its peak, he will cause someone to provoke you to touch the emotion that create confusion in your mind. Relationships are made to last but men’s rebellion and stubbornness prevent it. No matter how hard we try to sustain it, we can’t because man’s hearts are evil and tend to irritate us to confusion.

Today the world is filled with bitterness and hatred causing a nation to go into chaos. When you focus on your problems which are actually insignificant, because God’s love easily erase them all, a lot of strong emotions surface not to mention a host of judgemental observances. We should make a clear distinction between thinking and feeling. We should leave the chaos deposited by satan in our hearts and move into the great exploits God has given to us. It’s always not the major problems that we have to conquer as they will surface unexpectedly leaving no room to think like the situation in Sri Lanka but to conquer the small little insignificant problems that haunt you.

We should focus on what God’s word instructs us. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them all. Verse 19. The Lord redeems the soul of His servants and none of those who trust in Him Shall be condemned. Verse 22.

Chaos does not get us anywhere. It brings only misery to our life. Replace them with joy and rejoice in your salvation. Psalm 35:9. Keep speaking of the goodness of God. Don’t allow the chaos created by satan distract you from your call or stop you at your tracks that pulls you back from serving Him. Do not be glued to chaos and adversity. David chose not to focus on adversity but allowed God to send His angels to drive out the chaos and anxiety from him. He devoted one whole chapter Psalm 35 appealing to God for intervention of the chaos. Jesus always likes us to come to Him in a contrite heart with fervent childlike faith. No problem is too big God cannot solve it. May God open your awakening this day!

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