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Jeremiah 32:17

17 “Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.

Today’s Inspiration: As God’s people we need to be assured of God’s promises of 2020 and we should have nothing to fear but keep being prayerful. God has made the heavens and the Earth by His great and awesome power. Nothing is difficult for Him. Jeremiah 32:17. 2020 talks about double blessings and double miracles. Great Miracles of provision are given to those least expected. There will be great Miracles of healing. Those who have lack all the years will suddenly see God’s provision. Number 20 is very significant in the Bible talking about freedom. One good example is Jacob on 20th year was able to leave Laban with great possessions including wives and children. Genesis 31:38-42. So with 2020 we will have double portion with much grace and Dominion. This has been my 20th year of ministry in Singapore since God first called me to the publication ministry then to Nations and founding of TCC. Therefore I believe TCC will enter into a year of double portion of blessings not only of finances but also souls and intergenerational families.

On this light, I like to write today that life begins at home and therefore home is the primary and most vital factor in a child’s development into a mature and stable member of community. In a home there should be family interaction and prayer altar. We cannot depend on schools and children’s ministry to bring up our child. These are secondary factors. For a child to fulfill the fifth commandment, of honoring parents, in Exodus 20:12, parents need to be model parents guiding them to right direction in life, correction if necessary and with love, instruction to steer them where to go in life and to guide them even when they are adults for their needs are different. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. My son, Darien who is now senior pastor of TCC, when he was in University, sent me a note on mother’s day indicating that even if he is grown up, he still needs the mother’s love, only his needs are different. How true! I have always kept this in mind. As parents, we have to create an environment for them to possess wisdom through our experiences giving lessons of life.

Hence Father Me Reparenting now in it’s eighth year of operation is geared not towards sanctifying the soul only but also caters to parents’ needs of appropriate reparenting. Hence we are training more counselors for this program. Many people mistook Father me as an inner healing program and shun from it. It’s actually the sanctification program for the inward heart so that we could be presented pure and blameless with the second coming of the Lord and in preparation of ourselves for the day of judgement. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and 2 Corinthians 5:10. God wants to be God of families. May God use us to cause more families to return back to their Creator. Parents are ambassadors of the Lord and are priests of the Lord modeling the character of His son Jesus Christ.

The Bible is full of genealogies. This means God is interested in families bonding with Him and bonding with each other and with society. God is interested in families knowing Him personally. Jeremiah 31:34.

Families with a lot of problems will see their sudden redemption this year as this is the year of family restoration. So possess and believe God’s promises for you. God be praised.

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