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Luke 8:18

18  Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”.

Today’s Inspiration: Luke 8:18 “Therefore be careful how you listen….” We should be careful of what we listen to but we must also take heed of how we listen. Scriptures need to be read with conviction and from God’s perspective. We need to see scriptures through His eyes, hear with His ears and understand with His heart. Proverbs 4.20 the Lord asked us to listen to what He says and the years of our life will be many. We must hold onto His instruction, guard it well for it is our life. V13. We are to take heed to listen to the cry of the poor. Ignoring it, our prayers will not be answered. Proverbs 21.13. Therefore we must be careful how and what we listen to.

In this age and time, there is a paradigm shift of leadership. Moses was more of a pastor yet the greatest among the prophets of all times. Joshua was a military leader. In this age where the spiritual war gets fiercer, its time for us to advance being a military leader like Joshua. Likewise the new leadership of the church is now geared towards marching to walk in greater spiritual authority than anything yet experienced in the church age with power, glory and impact. When this coming new leadership comes into being, all Christians everywhere will cast of all kinds of rebellion and lukewarmness and walk in the inheritance that was gained for them by the cross of Jesus.

Spiritual breakthrough are hastening in many places. Others are witnessing the great mobilising of the army of God. The kingdom of God is truly at hand. A mighty army is being gathered to proclaim the gospel of the coming of the Lord and to prepare the way for the King of kings and the Lord of all lords. It’s time the church goes through a metamorphosis and when it emerges the change will be radical.

There are times warning is given to us but we do not wish to listen. Our eyes are blinded to the truth. Gedaliah was warned about his intended assassination. But he did not take heed and uttered that what is being said of Ishmael is not going to be true. Jeremiah 40:16. Subsequently this warning bear fruit. Jeremiah 41:1-3. He also killed all the Jews who were with Gedaliah. Therefore be careful how you listen and what you are listening to. Take heed of the warning of the Lord. God be praised!

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