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Matthew 6:33

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Today’s Inspiration: Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:22. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. It’s God’s righteousness we seek and apply to our life. Matthew 6:33.

3 characteristics were demonstrated in the parable of the Samaritan that qualifies us to be a good neighbour. Care for the discontented, the injured, the oppressed, the hopeless and deserted is one characteristic of righteousness. People would not go the extra mile attending to the woes of people. It takes compassion of Jesus to attend to the needs of the sick and injured or the deserted and alone without expecting compensation. The greatest disease one can ever have is to be isolated, abandoned, alone, without love and acceptance. As a church we should love and accept everyone irrespective of race, or religion by comforting them and ministering to their needs. Who knows we will win some? To Jesus, cleansing the leper is a priority even though it was not heard of at that era. Matthew 8:1-4.

We must always remember the anguish and agony of Jesus hanging on the cross just for the sake of our salvation. For the Bible records that there is not a just man on this earth who does good and does not sin. Ecclesiastes 7:20. For this reason we are in need of a Saviour.

Our life needs to be built on faith. Job made it clear that his calamity was due to the fear he had. Job 3:25. Fear is inevitable but we must not dwell on it. The word of God must be given undivided attention. It is a treasure to be appreciated and to be valued in our heart that we be refreshed daily and find rest and joy in them. In Him we have peace and keep the enemy shut up. His word must be taken into our heart with much conviction of the Holy Spirit to remind us of the folly we have brought upon ourselves that we no longer have to face such adversities again. The word of God must be read and consumed our soul like fire in Jeremiah 23:29 so that it will pierce deep into our hearts. The word of God must be hammered into our hearts to break the rebellion, the doubt and hardness of hearts before they can be revelation and profitable to us. God’s word always brings spiritual blessings. Whatever blessings in the spiritual must be manifested in the natural. Psalm 1:3.

The deed was done by the Samaritan without expecting a return of expenses. Helping others with problems maybe time demanding and expensive. The person we help maybe unable to repay. Luke 10:8-16 the Lord’s concern is not so much who ought to be our neighbour but who become our neighbour. We are to do good to all neighbours. Of the three men in the story only 1 had compassion on the hopeless man.

Loving our neighbour is evidence of our relationship with God. We should love our neighbour as ourselves whom we can see that reflects our love for God who cannot be seen. Loving those we cannot love is what God requires of us. Bless the one working with you this week.


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