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Psalm 118:7

The Lord is for me among those who help me; therefore I shall see my desire on those who hate me.

Today’s Inspiration: Experiences reveal that when we lose hope, we will resign to our circumstances. How many times have we been in this situation? David reversed the situation by declaring that the Lord is his helper and he look in triumph at his enemies. Psalm 118:7. Even if the enemies surround him at every side, he never lose hope but declares in the name of the Lord he cut them off. V13. How important are our words, our belief and our assurance in the spirit! Our words once connected to heaven brings forth results.

God’s Words and our belief can do wonders. Look at the faith of Moses! He told the Israelites to stand still and witness how God is going to save them notwithstanding the end of the road where there is no room to escape. The Israelites had no choice but to believe what Moses said and the Red Sea opened miraculously to pave the way for them to escape from the viles of the Egyptians. Exodus 14:14.

God is faithful and will never forsake His people. Great is His love toward us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Psalm 117:2.

You can walk out of your situation by declaring His words of success towards reality. Jesus clearly said in His words in Matthew 8:13 to the centurion that whatever he believed it will be done to him. And his servant was healed at that very hour. How powerful is our belief in God’s words that were spoken through us! Prophet Isaiah already prophesied long before Jesus was born, that He carried our infirmities and diseases. Matthew 8:17. If you believe that your diseases and infirmities are carried by Him, you don’t need to carry them anymore, you will be healed. Like the centurion, when you come to Jesus, you need to apply the words spoken in faith to your belief before you can get results way beyond men’s efforts.

Jesus commended his faith to be the greatest of all in Israel. Jesus always healed according to the measure of your faith. Matthew 9:22.

So give thanks to God today for your healing and apply this word with the maximum faith you have and receive your healing. Even though you are chastened severely, just give thanks and proclaim your healing and that your disease is not unto death but unto His glory. John 11:4.

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