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Matthew 25:29

29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

Wishing you a blessed passover week, a week of reflection of the Promises of the Lord in preparation of a crossover of prophetic fulfillment and further divine direction for your life mission. To everyone who has more will be given. This truth in Mat 25:29 is a reality. God sees the attitude of your heart. A generous and diligent heart multiplies. Idle hands and those in doubt and fear of loss, even what he has is taken away as in the parable of the talents in Mat 25:29.

In all that we do there must be a balance. We cannot be overly righteous. Scripture says that there is not a man on earth who does good and does not sin. Jesus reinforced this truth saying that only God is good (Ecc 7.20). Man cannot have self control of habitual sins and have tendency to fail. Habitual sins especially sin of anger is destroying the body today that affects the most vital organ the heart that distributes blood throughout the body. God made man to be very good and upright but sad to say they sought out many schemes to fulfill their desires but it is a worthless venture without God.

Life is not about excellence of knowledge but a revelation and discernment of the knowledge acquired. God’s word is not about giving us information but for our conviction and application to bring about transformation in our life to prevent desolation and hopelessness for the glory of His name.

Another truth for this passover is to have patience rather than a proud spirit. God hates a proud spirit and will not prosper those with proud spirit. How many times in the scripture did He tell us to have patience for love is patient (1 Cor 13, Psa 40:1 and Job 40:12). If you are not patient, your relationship with God is warped. The root of anger is a proud heart and impatience. They clustered together to bring strife. Many pursue wisdom for wisdom is good with an inheritance and profitable to those wherever they go. Wisdom like money is a defence (Ecc 7:11-12).

May you acquire wisdom in your life that will attract people to your life mission and together bring salvation to the lost on this passover week.

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