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Psalm 90:16                                       

16  Let Your work appear to Your servants, and Your glory to their children.

Today’s Inspiration: God’s unfailing love is reflected in the deeds of His children. To start with, why not share God’s supernatural deeds and splendour to your children? Psalm 90:16. May God establish the work of our hands! Verse 17.

Many a time, when people comfort us by telling us not to worry, we find it not helpful especially when they have not gone through what we have gone through. Yet Jesus told his disciples not to worry about our life’s sustenance Luke 12:22-24. He went on to question as to whether by worrying, we can add a single hour to our life. Since we cannot do this very little thing, why then do we worry about the rest? Verses 25-26.

To worry is to foolishly forget we are God’s valued children and who He is our loving Father.

Secondly worry is futile. It can shorten life but can’t lengthen it. Anxiety denies the truth that God cares. Worry is like a rocking chair. It rocks us but get us nowhere. We need to recognise that most worry is about things of the past that cannot be changed, things of the present that is uncontrollable and things of the future that might not happen. Where your treasure is there your heart is also. Verse 34.

We need to be dressed ready for eternity so that when He knocks we are there to open for him. We must keep our lamps burning like the five wise virgins. Verses 35-37.

Worry is the product of an inadequate understanding of our Father. He is the one who knows, cares and acts. The way we look at God determines the way we look at life. Only the Kingdom of God is worth our concern. Our life is in the hands of God. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Verse 31. Do not fear!

The disciple’s call is to be rich towards God with a treasure of heaven that will not be exhausted. Within fifteen minutes of a conversation, you will know whether their treasures are in heaven or on earth. Only a fool build his life around what could not last and what didn’t really matter. Let us invest our treasure in heaven. Let us have confidence in God not money that is temporal.

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