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Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it..

Today’s Inspiration: On the subject of family, it is important to note that when God appoints a man, He prepares him or her with a process. The higher the appointment, the greater would be the testing. In the natural life, the first 35 years of our life is trained in the secular like Moses being trained in the best University, under the best tutors and traveled in style and dignity as he was the adopted son of the princess of Egypt. Moses is a unique example of God’s training process to be His servant to lead God’s family and the House of God. Proverbs 22:6. Genesis 15:13-16 was God’s covenant to Abraham. For this covenant to take effect, God has to prepare a man. You need to study Exodus, Numbers and Hebrews to understand the process of His training of Moses to lead the nation Israel out of Egypt. But the context of today’s message is to emphasize that Father me reparenting elaborates that the first six years of a child life is foundational in preparing his or her life for the future plan of God for them. What you go through now including the cyclical problems as an adult have their roots in the first six years of your life starting from life in the womb.

The first six years of a child’s life are formative years. We see Moses whilst in the mother’s womb had a lot of fear and anger against Pharaoh’s edict to kill every son of the Hebrew race. Amazingly this edict resulted in God instituting the tenth plague of first born of Egypt not covered by the blood of Passover Lamb. In His time this retribution took effect through Moses, who was supposed to be a victim of the edict but God turned it for His glory through Moses. The man who were supposed to die in the hands of Pharaoh as a baby was used by God to kill the first born starting from the first born of Egypt.

The first six months of a child’s life is based on trust. Imagine the fears, anguish and the anger of his father and mother during the first three months of his life Exodus 2:1-2. The child is sensitive to the emotions of the Father and mother even whilst he is in the mother’s womb. Moses would have taken on the responsibility of what his mother and father were carrying and this become his character traits. On the third month there was greater fear and anguish but on the positive side, he took on his parents’ faith illustrated by God arranging people of faith which are his parents to parent him till he was weaned. Knowing that they cannot hang onto Moses for too long, on the third month they put him in an ark of bulrushes and laid it by the river bank. Now it takes a woman of faith and trust in God to take such risks. God knew His plan for Moses and allowed Moses to be brought up in God’s way by his parents after Pharaoh’s daughter picked him up, called him Moses and asked his sister Miriam to get a nurse for him. Exodus 2:2-4, 6-10.

What was God doing? He was laying a foundation for Moses to be parented by a woman of faith in his formative years of first six years. Although weaning takes two years, God extended to pre-school years as the Egyptian court normally accepted children after six years as the first six years are difficult years of parenting which they normally use maids which is incorrect parenting especially the terrific two up to five years we studied in Father me reparenting program.

The Path we go through during formative years will be reflected in adult years especially after 35 years although some manifestations occurred earlier.

It is truly amazing how God oriented Moses’ life to prepare him as a deliverer. But Moses could not be used as a deliverer as we can see he has to flee at the age of 40. A deliverer must first learn to be a Shepherd before he can be used for Deliverance. Moses’ training was secular. Though he was talented, had faith and skill he cannot deliver families in distress until he learnt God’s way of shepherding so he was brought to Jethro a Shepherd. Egypt in Joseph’s days rejected shepherds. You can’t deliver people from Egypt in secular ways but only spiritual ways of a Shepherd.

It’s only after being trained for 40 years was Moses ready to be called as deliverer. Exodus 3:1-10. Until Moses has a relationship with God and be maintained daily in this relationship, Moses could not succeed as a deliverer. We saw Moses has to be called to the mountain many times for sanctification and even up to the end of the life to prepare him as holy and blameless. 1 Thessalonians 5:23.

We cannot get people out of bondage secular way but only God’s way. Before God prepares a servant, He has to be tested to ensure he does not flee easily. He had to be proven to be a person of faith. Abraham proved his love of God was greater than his love for Isaac even though he was a beloved of him. God credited him righteous. God rewards a person of faith who seeks him diligently. Those who seek Him diligently and not taken things in his own hands are those who knows God is a rewarder of all things. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:6.

Are you a person of unwavering faith? Then expect great things from God. This is the year we are focusing on reaching out to young families using Father me reparenting as a parenting and sanctification program. God be praised!

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