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2 Samuel 7:25-26                

25 “Now, O Lord God, the word which You have spoken concerning Your servant and concerning his house, establish it forever and do as You have said.

26 So let Your name be magnified forever, saying, ‘The Lord of hosts is the God over Israel.’ And let the house of Your servant David be established before You.

Today’s Inspiration: The heart of faith humbly recognises that all provision and promise comes by the grace of God. Prayer enables us to receive all that the Lord has promised. 2 Samuel 7:25-26. Today people pray because of need and not because of a desire of relationship with God.

Prayer is actually a communal relationship not a technique nor methodology. Jesus’ Prayer for us is not that we be taken out of the world but that God will protect us from the evil one. John 17:15. In Mark 11:24 Jesus assured us that whatever we ask in prayer we just have to believe that we have already received it and our request be granted. Mark 11:24. This is faith.

Jesus prays for believers and those that will enter the kingdom and their families should have oneness.

Unsolvable problems that are attacking our body functions is an expression of the inner being getting your attention. The spirit of Jesus enters our inner being. Many of us try to avoid our inner journey despite nudges by the Holy spirit towards greater awareness of letting go of people’s remarks and impressions. We must pause to understand who we are. We must renew our mind that we are carriers of the brilliance of His presence. Exodus 33:14-16.

In the wilderness, it’s time to make our way to His presence to be renewed, transformed, empowered and be filled with His glory. We have been commissioned to light the fire of prayer so that we can enter into His presence and receive the double blessings of the fullness of God’s character and His power. You need the sovereign rule of God over your life so that He can reveal to you the secrets of His heart. Where the treasure is there the heart is. The tax collector was so overwhelmed by Jesus’ presence that carries a heavenly anointing, that he was willing to part of his wealth to God. This is the type of heart God seeks. Matthew 6:33.

Are we working on temporal values or eternal values? As you seek Him, He will reveal where your heart is. Are you sharing your wealth with God? Keep speaking the word of God and let it enter through the eyes of your heart.

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