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Matthew 15:13                                       

13  But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus calls us to be salt of the earth and we should not lose our saltiness or it will be thrown out and trampled. Matthew 15:13.

Salt is a purifying agent and antiseptic against corruption and decay as a seasoning and even as a fertiliser for certain types of plants and soul. In ancient times, soldiers received their wages in salt. Covenants were made based on salt and major trade routes were established for the exchange of salt. What Jesus meant was that we should be the Lord’s intended moral preservatives and seasoning agents for the world.

Jesus tells us that we need to function as salt of the earth. The essence of our saltiness is our discipleship, our unconditional commitment to Christ as Lord of our personal relationships, personal preferences and personal goals. Without discipleship, the Christian is saltless salt, useless to achieve divine objectives. Our usefulness depends on our spiritual distinctiveness. Disciples are not required to be smart, gifted or rich but they need to be loyal and unconditionally committed to Jesus.

As disciples, we are to be forgiving, loving even those who do not deserve our love, and blessing those who persecute us.

As disciples of Christ, we do not pose conditions to qualify. Based on Christ’s work, it is received by faith. For instance Jesus told Mary Magdalene, your faith has saved you. Go in peace. Luke 7:50. Saved means divine health, healing, soundness, well being, safety and eternal life. Its the whole package of salvation.

Let us be the purifying agent for the world by following the lifestyle of Christ. Do not focus on the health you don’t have or the finances you lack or the relationships that turn sour, but instead turn your attention to the Lord, who knows and understand your heart. He is the only one who can deliver you from all troubles and surround you with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7. Just tell yourself everything is alright like the woman during the days of Elisha. She did not weary herself of the death of her son but declares it is well with her soul and keep saying everything is alright. Her positive declarations revived her son through Elisha. 2 Kings 4:26, 34-36.

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