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Joshua 23:11                                  

11  Therefore take careful heed to yourselves, that you love the Lord your God.

Today’s Inspiration: We need to remind ourselves always to obey His word unwaveringly and to hold fast to the Lord our God so that no one can withstand us. Joshua 23:6-9. Also to exercise caution to love the Lord our God. Verse 11.

Do not allow fear to grip your hearts. God will show you wonders. Not one of God’s promises to you have failed. God will bring the promise to fruition. Joshua 23:14-15.

Can you perceive it? All God’s promise will surely be brought to fruition. He is a God of faithfulness. He will honour every covenant with you.

Do not be like the Israelites who complained against Moses and Aaron that they world rather die in Egypt or the desert than to cross over to the promised land where there are giants greater than them. Numbers 14:2. We have to watch our tongue.

Eventually those who rebelled against the Lord died in the wilderness and could not cross over to the promised land. God let them have what they desire. Matthew 15:28. For out of the heart comes evil thoughts. Whatever is in your heart will be the outcome. What is in your heart this morning? You are the reflection of your thoughts.

Do not allow fear enter your hearts. Fear should have no place in the hearts of believers when it is occupied by love, faith and hope. God be praised!

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